Monday, February 2, 2009

Who Predicts Winter?

Well as we sit her on February 2nd we wait on the Ground Hog to tell us if winter is going to continue or not. So what do these little weather prognosticators (now there is the word of the week boys and girls! For the record I spelled it right the first time too!!!)((I guess it pays to read Websters before going to bed each night!)) do in order to tell us sun starved creatures of the frozen north what our cold fate is going to be. Believe it or not it is whether they see their shadow or not. If they see their shadow winter is sticking around, if they do not then we are right around the corner from spring. Well if you ask me whether he did or did not see his shadow the big ape in the jungle could have told you that there was going to be six more weeks of winter. I can honestly say that for Medicine Hat any way. How do I know you ask? Well I am not just another dumb primate it is gong to take at least six weeks to get rid of all the snow in my back yard! As I stand there a matter a factually with my chest For the record all the weird little rodents seen their shadow so no matter where you live in North America you are destined for six more weeks of winter Sorry!

So I know I am probably dating myself , but do you remember when you were in school you used to listen to the principle read the school announcements over the public address system then there would be the Lords Prayer and Oh Canada. Well before I finished school the Lords Prayer went by the wayside, but we always had Oh Canada. Well a school in New Brunswick, Canada has been ordered to reinstate the National Anthem back in to the morning activities. I guess a couple of years a go a couple of parents approached this principle and stated that they felt that it disrupted the class and took them too long to get settled down afterward so they wanted it banned. Go figure, I guess they were important to this principle how? Anyway I guess mum was the word on this until one of the children had informed a visitor of a serviceman of this and she went to the department of education and jumped up and down to the point where it got national attention, and the minister of education and defense read this principle the riot act as we need to feel unity in this time of uncertainty. So now we have the national anthem back in the school system in that New Brunswick school. So tell me the squeaky wheel does not get the grease or least national attention to get things done!

So tell me because President Obama said they would win the super bowl does that mean that he has it all together, and can lead the world into the next generation of positiveness? Or did he just get lucky? Well whether you like him or not he is what the ladies want, and the men want to be like. He is calm,cool,and collected. He just as that aura about him. I just can't put my finger on it. He just has this peace about him. Now I have read some things that scare me when it comes in what he believes in, but time is going to be the best teacher. I think just as he is the President, and we have the Prime Minister here in Canada I believe they are just the puppets of the system. They are just the face to the giant system there is a whole army of people behind the scenes that are getting things done. Obama is just the pretty face that either looks good or bad depending on the story at hand for the American people to put a face to the problem. A scape goat if you will. Well time will tell if he is able to get the USA back up and firing on all cylinders to be the once super power that it was. Personally I think that it is so damaged that it is going to take more then just one person 4 years to right that ship.

I guess there is hope for me yet. Fellow blogger Perez Hilton better known as the gossip gangster is getting 9 million hits a day on her blog. All she does is dish the dirt on celebrities, and as quick as you can say Bob is your uncle you too can be famous! I guess she has written a book too. So next time you are wanting to learn what is happening in tinsel town check out Perez's site. Well I am only at about 30 hits per day now, but maybe some day I too can piss somebody off enough to get mentioned on the golden globes and watch out my popularity will sky rocket. I guess her book tells people how to be famous maybe I should go read it. The only problem with that is I would probably only be famous in my own mind. lol

Well I better swing back to the jungle, but until next time remember; men are like bank accounts. Without a lot of money they don't generate a lot of interest.

From the Big Ape

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