Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is Our Justice System Going By The Same Direction As Common Sense Did?

Is the justice system dieing a slow painful death like common sense did? Pretty soon the system that we once knew and trusted is going to be eroded to just a whiff as it once was. Case in point is the young lady that killed her parents, and younger brother in Medicine Hat was back before the courts today to see how she was making out with her sentence. EXCUSE ME!!! It has only been a year, and we are seeing how the poor thing is making out! Give me a break!!!! She got a get out of jail free card as it was by getting the sentence that she did. Now we are going to parade her back in front of a judge once a year to see if anything should change. That is legal speak for if there is anything we can do sweety to make your life easier just ask. What a crock!! Her handlers say she is adapting well, but she is noted to have a failure to internalize — a term experts say generally means a lack of remorse. Ya think!!! Don't kid yourself boys and girls she is crazy like a fox! Now the sad part of this is she will be eligible for a half way house in 3 years, and free and clear to go and start her life in 7 years. Now before the bleeding hearts start her life is ruined before it really starts, as she is going to be living with this for the rest of her life. What kind of life is she really going to have? Well frankly I hope she has a hellish life. I guess at the end of the day she is going to face her judgment, and life on earth is going to be a cake walk compared to what she will face at the end.

You know the head line of today's paper reads; "Canada's youngest killer still 'seriously disturbed'" did people really think that she was going to be fixed in a year? A bigger question is do people really figure that they are going to have her fixed by the time her sentenced has expired? Wow if they do please send them my way as I have some nice ocean front property for sale in Siberia that I can sell them!

Then there is her little puppet. The poor sap that they called her boy friend. Well there is many emotions that come to mind when we talk about him, but I will say I do feel sorry for him in one way. That is I think he truly did believe in his simple little mind that if he did this for her that she would love him, and they could go off and live happily ever after. It is so unfortunate that his mind was that simple to think that it was going to work that way. Now on the aspect that he was attracted to a 12 year old girl when he was 23 is a whole new kettle of fish. That is statutory rape not to mention just wrong on so many different levels.

It will be interesting to see if they will be able to reprogram the puppet master (the label I have for the girl) to not associate with her accomplice once she is out of jail, and free and clear. Really when you think about he will be out when he is 51. They still could have a relationship. As sick as that sounds more excepted in today's society then when they were young. I know with following the case when it was through the courts he had a very strong following on line. So I am sure if she has moved on he could shack up with one of his groupies. I guess you could lump him into the Canadian version of Charlie Manson. That just goes to show you the difference between the justice systems. If Charlie Manson would have done what he did in Canada he would have been out in 25 years. A scary thought when you think about it!

Until Nest time..."Marriages are made in heaven. But so again, are thunder and lightning."

Cheers from The Big Ape

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