Monday, February 21, 2011

Live By The Sword Die By the Sword!

I turn on my TV first thing this family day morning to hear that 3 people perish in a snow mobile accident or better put an avalanche. This had happened in Central British Columbia, Golden to be exact. Now what these people were doing was marking their territory with their sleds. They run as far as they can, and then have the machine either top over the top of a hill or cliff, or fall over backwards and cause a backslide of snow better known as an avalanche. Now some people are equipped with transceivers and beacons others are not that smart and they go in with nothing. I ask what should we do with these extreme adrenaline junkies? They cost our emergency evacuation groups large dollars to come save this person or people.

Now I do not say people do not have a right at their fun. I just ask to what cost is that fun dictated? I think if you want this kind of fun you should have a stand by rescue team ready, and waiting to dig your butt out of the snow when that avalanche falls down on your head. Now lets talk about whether it should be a mandatory occurrence that you wear the necessary equipment, and what fines are charged against you if they find you without it on. Now there is the bigger picture of death, but people have understand if you do not wear the equipment you are signing your own death warrant and could be charged accordingly.

Now there is the sad times of the family that lost there loved ones, and there is friends and co-workers that struggle with that loss, but as my title states you live by the sword, and Die By The Sword! If you want to play in those extreme sports you have to be aware that they come at a consequence. Your loved ones have to be prepared that there may be a day that you may go out and not come home. The famous last words I heard on a news cast the other day; "people die every day so if you can die doing something you love that is the only way to go!" Spoken by an extreme adrenalin junkie. Don't they have an special air about them?

The last subject I want to touch on is helmets. Now you might find me a real hypocrite on this one as I don't think helmets make much difference whether it be on a ski hill or on a motorcycle. Now by law I have to wear one on a bike, and you can bet it is the smallest I can get away with legally, because when you bounce off the ground or pavement at any speed all the helmet is there to do is make your head look pretty at the end of the day. Your brain is still going to look like jello if you make that big bounce if it is on a ski hill or on the hi-way. Case in point a gentleman from Ontario had a helmet on runs into tree dead as nit. So tell me what good did that helmet do? Now if he would have not had the helmet on the end result would have been the same except we can feel sorry for him because he took all the precautions. END RESULT PEOPLE HE IS STILL DEAD! Damn the animal kingdom can be cruel but none the less it weeds out the gene pool doesn't. Another short story I had a cousin that hit a tree head on with a full face helmet on a motor cycle doing approx. 25 miles per hour when he hit that tree you would have thought that helmet would have saved him. The base of the helmet was driven in David's neck and it snapped it clean. So tell me where helmets make a difference?

Well I feel better now I think I have probably ruffled enough peoples feathers. So remember not to eat yellow snow in the winter that is your tip of the week!

I am going to wander back in the jungle so:


From the Crusty Old Ape

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Solution To the Problem...

I would like to start off to say that I am writing this and it is against my moral fiber, but at some point we need to take a stand in society to make a stand. This is one of those times! Some of you may remember Tienanmen Square. Now some might say that was wrong others may say it was well deserved either way 400 to 800 people perished that day in 1989. Now I come from a spiritual background and killing senseless people is not what I believe in, but as I said earlier one needs to take a stand!

So when we see issues like Egypt or Iran, Japan, or were ever a solution needs to be found and eradicated. How much time has to pass before one brings in the army and blast the living shit out of them to set a precedent. So the next time these Jack offs decide to make their latest protest they will think twice.

We need to follow China when they are sentenced to life in prison they are taken out back and a bullet is put in their head. In India you steal they chop off your hand! The shock factor sends a message that this stuff cannot continue!

So now that I have vented I can say there needs to be a solution to the problem! The guidelines are set so if the peons of the free world want to act out they know what their end result will be. Tell you as I may people will take note if we send people to take care of business!

Now on a calmer note I am going to wonder back to the jungle and have a great day, and weekend.
Until next time remember opinions are like noses everyone has one just some are bigger then others.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Rodent Has Spoken!

Well As we sit here at -9 with a wind chill of -18 A the rodents of the world have spoken. Residents in Central and Eastern Canada tired of icy temperatures and heavy snowfall in recent weeks may be interested to know that two famous Canadian groundhogs predict an early spring.

Nova Scotia's Shubenacadie Sam and Ontario's Wiarton Willie both predicted an early spring on Groundhog Day Wednesday.

Folklore has it that if a groundhog sees his shadow on Groundhog Day he'll flee to his burrow, heralding six more weeks of winter, and if he doesn't, it means spring is around the corner.

Balzac Billy did not see his shadow so he was the only one that that went against the grain. So as folklore has it we will have 6 more weeks of winter. Really that is kind of a good thing, because if spring started right away you and I not would be freezing our brass balls off we would be building the ark and flooding our way over the 49th parallel.

Environment Canada notes it's another six weeks until winter is officially over -- despite today's furry prediction.

You know I have made an observation as I watch the news out west we seem to handle the frozen wasteland just fine. The poor people to the eastern provinces they seem to be getting hammered with snow and cold, and they seem to take it like it the Maritimers that they are. The Folks to the west they seem pretty soft too. It is us prairie folk that can take a storm face on and bare our teeth with grit, and say we are tough old shit's. The poor eastern folks in Toronto they are softer then the Pillsbury doe boy. They can't drive in the white stuff and PLEASE if it gets below -10 they frozen to the dock of the day. It is a good thing I guess to live in the prairies!

Well it is time to get this off to press so I am going to wonder off in the snow white forest!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who is The Media?

As I sit back and watch the troubles in Egypt, and various other problems throughout the world I wonder out loud who really is the media in all these worldly up risings? You have Skype, You tube, and various other left wing media types then you have the normal media type of CNN, CBS, ABC then you have the extreme right with MSNBC or Fox news. Then one has the guy on the street corner taking video with his camera phone they call that viral video which usually finds a home on You- Tube at some point.

Then we have the issue of print media and the picture game with the paparazzi. I ask who or what has fair right to this mess. Again I ask what is really media? When we buy a newspaper is that the only media that that we should follow? Then there is the TV news I will give you an experiment. Take an issue that would be seen either right across the world or in our case right across Canada. Now watch the different news rooms as they report the same story. So unless you are right there at the event what is right? who do we believe, because you are going to get a different spin on the same story. My results is view the pictures the best you can as pictures speak 1000 words. filter trough what the reporter says, and at the end of the cast you might have a pretty good cast. Like I say pictures speak 1000 words.

Now we have our public funded projects in the USA it is called Public Broadcasting System or if it is radio it is NPR. In Canada we have CBC Radio and TV. Believe it or not the CBC is a bigger albatross around our neck then PBS or NPR will ever be. In th
e USA people run the stations. In Canada the Governments run the stations. So when we have the provincial and Federal Governments attached to anything all you hear is a huge sucking sound!

Well I think that the USA model is better run as it is still a public support, but the governments are not pouring 100, 000 thousand here and there and every where for a make work project for some government son or daughter to try and get their 15 minutes of fame.

Call me old school, but I like the reporter that you watched at 6pm that had some creditability almost rock star status if you ever run across him in your town because your town was being featured on the 6pm news because you did something special. Not like today where every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a 12mp camera phone with a direct link to You Tube or some other viral site that will give you your 15 minutes of fame because don't kid yourself the big wonders of the world are Jonesing for their next story.

Until next time stay warm....If you see my Brass balls can you return then to 253 fleet st Medicine Hat Alberta......