Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Solution To the Problem...

I would like to start off to say that I am writing this and it is against my moral fiber, but at some point we need to take a stand in society to make a stand. This is one of those times! Some of you may remember Tienanmen Square. Now some might say that was wrong others may say it was well deserved either way 400 to 800 people perished that day in 1989. Now I come from a spiritual background and killing senseless people is not what I believe in, but as I said earlier one needs to take a stand!

So when we see issues like Egypt or Iran, Japan, or were ever a solution needs to be found and eradicated. How much time has to pass before one brings in the army and blast the living shit out of them to set a precedent. So the next time these Jack offs decide to make their latest protest they will think twice.

We need to follow China when they are sentenced to life in prison they are taken out back and a bullet is put in their head. In India you steal they chop off your hand! The shock factor sends a message that this stuff cannot continue!

So now that I have vented I can say there needs to be a solution to the problem! The guidelines are set so if the peons of the free world want to act out they know what their end result will be. Tell you as I may people will take note if we send people to take care of business!

Now on a calmer note I am going to wonder back to the jungle and have a great day, and weekend.
Until next time remember opinions are like noses everyone has one just some are bigger then others.

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