Saturday, August 28, 2010

A week of cleansing...

Well I sit here after breakfast scrolling through my phone reading my twitter links, and just finished listening to Jann Arden on CBC radio. She brought up a point that got me thinking are we as Canadians just too proper to have a paparazzi where as the USA they are media whores, and will do anything to get their 15 minutes of fame. Look at Britney Spears, OJ Simpson, and Paris Hilton they seem to think because they have a celebrity lifestyle they are above the law. They seem quite offended or shocked when they get their fingers slapped by the long arm of the law. In their case their money seems to buy their way to freedom or at least to a place where very little time is served! Now if that would have been a Canada we would have been swinging from the nearest tree or jailed for the rest of our natural life. The cast of Corner Gas would be walking if they drove drunk in Calgary for the next year, do you think that one of the cast of Little Mosque on the Prairie gets caught with a stash of Mary Jane that they would slide? Not likely is my comment to that. So with us as Canadians uptight and straight laced for a reason we don't feel like spending a night in crow bar hotel with a girl friend named Bubba we don't do the thing our brothers and sisters do to the south!

The Hells Angels are Coming! The Hells Angels are coming! Lock your doors and guard your small children! PLEASE give me a break!!!!!! What a waste of tax payers dollars if I have ever seen one. Our Law enforcement has created an alarmist hysteria over nothing. Our province has created a task force to follow these guys around like a dog and pony show for what I ask? If you got a beef with them charge them, and let that be that! Yes I am sure there is people from the criminal element. Hey sparky here is a news flash; there is good and bad in every group! Have you seen a clean lawyer? It is a bunch of men that enjoy the commonality of the Harley Davidson, and riding. If these gum shoes can actually pin something on them, charge the person it has no real relevance to the group does it? If a doctor is busted for drug possession does that mean that all doctors are junkies? The HA (hells angels) are all about branding. They are no different then Harley Davidson or the Blue Thunder riders. There is some over zealous politicians that are trying to make names for themselves. My motto is if they are guilty then take them away and let them do the time, but leave them alone if they are not doing anything wrong. The extra law enforcement, and the chopper in the air is out tax dollars wasted. Now they say well if they did not do this and would not have had the extra enforcement all hell could have broken out. I would say that could be the case, but a plane could crash if it takes off on a run way. My point is let the current law enforcement do their job, and if there is a criminal to be busted they will do it. They don't need choppers flying around? The extra dog and pony show is really not needed. Anyway let it be what it is they were here they created extra dollars for our economy that I guess we should be thankful for to house and feed these clowns while they were here. so I guess we should be thankful for that, and their dollars and move on.

We as North Americans really have not learned much in life we are always trying to keep up with the Jones: Case in point: In the USA they spent 1000000 dollars inventing a pen that wrote in 0 gravity. So the Russians thought about this for a bit and decided they needed something to do the same thing, but the more they thought about it they had the answer. They would use what they have been using for years with great results, it is called a pencil. Go figure we in North America boast that we are the more superior culture, but when it comes to spending money we are the winner 100 times over.

So in conclusion I would like to comment on the situation of the Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero at the New York Trade Center. Ok can someone please tell me why? Such a sensitive situation will be put up for all of the free world to see. Sensitivity should be taken in to account in this matter. Religion and politics should not be mixed in my opinion. World wars have been started over these type of matters. Is the USA looking for another ass whooping? They are kind of tapped out playing over in Afghanistan. Mr. Obama has kind of cut his political throat so to speak. Our Fore Fathers would roll over in their graves if they seen what was going on down at ground zero. For the record I am not against the Muslims having a Mosque I just think the location needs to be re-thought. I am all for people having a place to pray, but lets be a little more sensitive of the location. Come on a majority of the key Muslims feel the situation is some what sensitive, and might be better served to be built at a different location.

Just remember People spend a lifetime searching for happiness; looking for peace. They chase idle dreams, addictions, religions, even other people, hoping to fill the emptiness that plagues them. The irony is the only place they ever needed to search was within. -Ramona L. Anderson

Until next time.....
From The Big Ape