Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What Message Do We Send?

Well I posed a question to some pretty smart people the other day. Nat'l Football League reinstates Michael Vick on a conditional basis. He's eligible now to sign with a team. What do you think? These people that I asked were friends in the media, but I feel they are a pretty good cross section of society. I was a little shocked with one response, but then again I was looking at a cross section of society, and maybe this is how a certain part of society feels. Who am I to judge? A pretty good social experiment none the less. Now for most cases they felt he was an over rated player to begin with so if a club was ever so brave to hire this social mis-fit, more power to them. I like the one response he payed his debt to society let him come out and start over. Well as the person put it; "if he was a plumber, and he served his time he could come out and be a plumber again...right?" Very valid point if you pay your debt to society why not move on. The only problem is society as a whole right or wrong judge you for your past. As in Vick's case I agree I think he was over rated as a player, so if a team is willing to take him on best of luck. Is he any worse then any other steroid crazed misfit? When do we as society say you deserve to go work some where normal for an honest days work, and go home at the end of the day like the rest of us average people. Why should these profile people; "celebrities" if you will be given a free pass just because of their social status. Do you want these people being your kids mentor? Now people make mistakes, and I agree they deserve a second chance, but in some cases the second chance card does not mean you get to start over in the same place you were in society. Respect is earned not demanded. More people have to learn that social rule.

We just seen in Calgary where a very viable clinic learned first hand because of who they are they were judged as to where they were actually allowed to set up. Now that judging was being done from our very own government officials. Not in my back yard is the social consensus. There was a lot of judgment with out education on that matter. People in a lot of cases make decisions on mis-guided information, or just ignorant judgmental thoughts. Should they be our government officials making decisions for you and me?

So next time we make decisions for the betterment of our children or just society in general we need to stop and think what we are doing before we make that decision. Now you ask; "I am just an average Joe what decisions do I make that is going to make an impact on society?" Well I would like to point out to everyone that when we vote we need to think who we are putting in there, and what they stand for. Now take a concerted effort and educate your self as to are these people. What are they doing for me? Remember these voted officials are representing you as a paying tax payer. As a current MLA in Northern Alberta found out representing your voting public cost him his job last week. That just showed you what kind of leader we have as a provincial representative. Now please remember this when it comes to our next election. Vote for the people that are sending the right message not the ones that look the flashiest, or the ones that speak the best double speak. Remember what message do you want to be sent?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bits and Bytes of a Confused Ape...

Well I sit down to type this a little more confused then normal. Can someone please tell me why there is such an uproar when a celebrity dies. The grief is explainable, if it is a family member in your own family, but come on people these stars mean nothing to us. At least I would hope that I have more of a life that I become disturbed when a man or woman passes that I have never met, talked to, or ever really cared about. See I understand this whole concept of the voyeurism in today's society as to people's lives are messed up they have to worry about people we do not know so we do not have to worry about our own baggage. Now for the next 2 or 3 years it is going to be Jackson this, and Micheal that. Hell we are still seeing Elvis's face in grilled cheese and still hold Princess Di up on a pedestal of the tallest magnitude. Don't get me wrong these people have a place in life, and I will even say they are important, but how far does a total stranger take that importance? I really think that a lot of this hub bub is just a money making adventure. Bobble head dolls, mini statues, now they will have white Jacko gloves with his initials on them. Really people just let these people pass in peace! No one wanted to make a bobble head doll after my uncle Felix passed. Now who was my uncle Felix, and why should he have a doll named after him? He was important to us does that not make him important enough to memorialize him? A joke comes to mind when I hear about celebrities packing it in. There was a lady madly in love with Elvis and when he died she was utterly devastated. So nearly losing her marriage to her obsession she decided to go a shrink. So after 10 years of twice a week visits he finally tells her; "my dear I can do no more for you if you still need a memorable reminder of Elvis the best thing I can recommend is get a tattoo." So she thought this was a splendid idea. So off to a shop she set off. She goes in and says to the artist; " do you do portraits?" He replied he did so they agreed on a price of $240 for a tattoo of Elvis on the inside of her upper left thigh. So the artist completes the picture she look at the work, and claims that he does not look like Elvis. So he agreed to do another one on the right upper thigh just to make her happy. Well he toiled away for 4 hours it was one of his best pieces. Well she still was whining. So he seen there was no pleasing her so he threw her out of his shop. So although it was not very lady like she is sitting at the bus stop up the street looking at this art with her dress pulled up to her waste. So there was this gentleman walks by she says excuse me sir. He stops...She asks does this here picture on the inside of left thigh look like Elvis? Well kinda, uh, no not really. Well how about that picture on my inside of my right thigh? Well it is a bit better, but that one in the middle sure looks like Willy Nelson.....Grin On that point I will move on. God speed Jacko you are gone, but will never be forgotten. As long there is a buck to be made from merchandising your junk!

Now that summer season kicks in to high gear so does rodeo season. If you follow rodeo at all there is generally a gaggle of do gooders that have to speak up for the critters. Let me be the first to say that these critters are looked after better then a lot of people in this world. These critters are athletes in the critter world. People have the mis-conception that animals have feelings. Sorry people we are the only species that feel emotion in the animal kingdom. The animal world only aims to please. Think about it these animals work for 8 seconds or in tie down roping tops a couple minutes a day. They are vet checked daily. Fed and watered with the best feed and water money can buy, generally twice a day. More or less they can compare well to the rock star life style of the people world. I would dream to be a bull, cow, goat, sheep or horse, and have the pampered lifestyle of a first class animal athlete. They are even given breeding schedules. As a guy I can say a pampered well bred critter is a happy critter. I can speak on this point matter a factually! Grin.... So when you hear about all these protests for the betterment of the animal tell them to go cool their heels in a cow patty as they are doing just fine thanks. I personally recommend you go try to save a tree somewhere.

Well I can say that I have got my banana's out of a bunch, and feel better for it. Remember: Live on, survive, for the earth gives forth wonders. It may swallow your heart, but the wonders keep on coming. You stand before them bareheaded, shriven. What is expected of you is attention.

Until next time....
Cheers From The Big Ape