Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is There A Doctor In The House?

Well it has been a while since we last chatted. I can say it has been an interesting week! I am going to make this short as I am held up in our local hospital. My dear wife drug my laptop down to me, but I am going to send it back with her. I just wanted to drop all my readers a line, and let them know that they did not capture me in the jungle and drag me off to the zoo. lol I am not sure how long I will be in here, I am like the superstar athletes I am day to day. I am leaving them puzzled so I am not sure what is next for me. I keep telling them to load me up and take me to the Calgary Zoo, and let the primate doctor take a look at me. Some of them just don't see the humor in that. Oh well if you do not have humor in life what do you really have? I am out of ICU that is the important thing. People tend to worry when you stay in those places too long. I have not seen the buzzards circling yet so I guess I am good for a while. lol

Anyway I would like to thank all the friends and family for all the support for Mellody, and well wishes to yours truly. It means a lot to know we are in your thoughts and prayers. Hopefully I will be back in fine form soon to take the world on, and rant about the injustice in the world.

Until next time remember, the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

From the Big Ape

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is this a Scare Tactic or A Money Grab?

Ok boys and girls lets gather around your computer monitor, and I will tell you a scary story. That's enough of the dramatics for one day! Well maybe not Lawsuit launched against shop, Region is this the last of the dramatic posturing for one day? Give me a break! This is just someone that has learned back room lawyer 101 trying to create a bullshit scare tactic, and try and scoff a few bucks while they are at it . At the end of the day they are going to tie up our already too precious court time, and probably ruin some good viable businesses. All for the sake of some grand standing tactic. If you explore the lawsuit it is probably some wannabe alder person that did not get in last election? Now they are trying to create a do gooder image for next time around. SEE SEE I was the putz who tried to keep you safe from yourself...Look at me!!! Yes it is too bad that there is not more health inspectors, but don't only go after tattoo and piercing shops. As the article reads these people look after schools, day cares, and cafes. They do not bring to light the restaurants that have more of a chance of killing you or your family from e-coli, listeria or maybe botulism.

People have got to understand that those shops in that area were running just fine, and if there is a problem with A particular studio. THEN SUE OR SHUT DOWN THAT PARTICULAR STUDIO! It is not the industry as a whole. With further exploration is it a church organization trying to rid society of those heathens that spawn ink and piercings? Can I get an amen sister!!! Ya Right...

The sad part of this whole situation is people don't just get wound up in that geographical area. With the power of the internet just as I am bringing this to you. I bring this to light in order to fight for the little guy. Groups with deeper pockets, and much more sinister intentions. Parade these headlines around like a pimp advertising his girls on the busiest street corner. City budgets are weak. What a better way to bolster the money makers to thinking this is a pragmatic problem that the tax payers need to throw money at. Hold the phone here Charlie Brown! Are your intentions created with malice or are you doing this to make sure our day cares and school lunch rooms are safe? Or are you doing this to drive a nail into the coffin of a very viable business that is already hurting just like every other ligament business in these tough economic times.

Until next time...Remember attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching?

Cheers from the Big Ape ;0)

Monday, March 9, 2009

There probably is no god, now stop worrying and enjoy your life.

"There probably is no god, now stop worrying and enjoy your life."
Now that is a statement that should have got you boiling if nothing else reaching for your keyboard to leave me a comment that I am going to burn in hell. This is a statement that has started people chatting about religion this week! This is what you might see on Bus's or Bill Boards if you live in a large metropolitan city. So you can only imagine as I am sure I am going to get the mail, and comments about this kind of statement. A lot of wars have been started because people do not agree with religious fundamentals. Is this going to cause a world war? I don't know, but what if the statement is right? I have been questioning my religious balance for some time. Not that I want to get into a huge debate about Darwin and such, but the guy had some very valid points. I read a statement the other day I believe in Christianity as long as we can have Darwin as an adopted brother. I liked that statement. grinning.... My whole question where did God come from? Everybody has to come from some where. I am told to have faith that God was just there. That is like saying there is alien life forms. No one has seen them, but somebody has to be making those crop circles. Whether you believe or not... I pose a larger point. Why can't they have there point of view exposed just as the religious sect does? If they are going to burn in hell what difference does it make. Is it that the famous religious leaders afraid of? Competition? I have had a real big point all through this argument of Darwinism Verses Christianity, and that is this we have no right to judge so based on that point all we can do as any good believer is get the information, and make an educated decision. As to what they believe... Christianity or what ever, let the person make the choice for themselves. Is it not the case that the true believer supposed to love us all as equals, and God himself will do the judging on the final day. As Jeff Foxworthy made a very funny but valid point that it is going to be Jesus in overalls sitting in the back of an old 56 ford pickup with Matthew driving, and he is going to come down to the pearly gates and say; "lets all go up to the big house and meet daddy and have a bbq. I think it is going to be a lot more simple then people make it out to be. Lastly on the point is we should not be the one judging, and I believe there is more then one way to get to the same party. As Buddha used to say there is more then one way to light a room. The key is that the room is being brought into the light.

Are Canadians just too shy for their own good? Well the above mentioned link thinks that Canadians are just bashful. Bashful or conservative we just don't seem to want to stand up and be noticed. Maybe we are like the little brother that is the wall flower, because the bigger older brother to the south is more experienced, and has paved a way for us to just follow quietly down with out a lot of notice. Canadians are the type to want to hang out in the kitchen, and help with the set up of dinner where the USA is the first to the bar and last to leave when the party is over. We retire long before the party wraps up. We are considered the old folks of the club. Maybe that is it the USA are the cool hip kids, and the Canadians are the old folks of the club. Non the less One Week is a move that is supposed to be a pretty good flix based on a Canadian point of view. Check it out!

Case and point about taking responsibility; "Neighborhood cry's to city about street up keep." We are not responsible enough to take the necessary skills it takes from putting a SUV in the middle of someones living room. HELLO people when the road is icy SLOW DOWN!!!This not the same as running with your class 1 camel license you had previous. Be ten minutes late for little Bambie's play date. Instead we climb on to that social magic carpet, and whine and cry if the roads would have been sanded I would have been able to drive mach 1. My question is what makes it any different then say winter 5 years ago? Just because this is the first winter in a few years that we actually got a bit of snow our minds turn to goo,and we can't drive.

Well I think I have probably got a few people pissed at me and some praying for me. Either way I have got people talking.

Until next time...Remember somewhere there is someone that dreams of your smile, and finds in your presence that life is worthwhile, so when you are lonely remember it’s true, someone somewhere is thinking of you.

From the Big Ape

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Respect Is Earned Not Demanded!

I learned that early on in life that respect was something that was earned not demanded. Now somewhere along the line the law enforcement in British Columbia seemed to falter, and it has been a comedy of errors in recent months. Now some might say it is arrogance, some might say it is the simple fact they are ten feet tall and bullet proof(no pun intended). What ever the excuses or reasons these situations are all with a common actions. It is a cop that has gone too far whether it is the fact that they feel bullet proof, and above the law and decides to drive drunk, or maybe it is the cops that thought it was a good sport to shock a person into submission which ends up killing him. All this ends up the same way there was a lack of respect for people!

The problem is respect is not being taught early on in life so what can we expect when these people go to run our country, and be part of our law enforcement. Now I know I can hear the people jumping up and down saying I show respect! My kids have respect! Well I am going to say that is a very small group in society. Take a look around. Now yes I am saying this on a broad perspective because respect is being lost with our youth, our neighborhoods, our work places, our law enforcement agencies. I hear a lot of people saying my boss does not care how I feel! As long as he gets his widgets to market, or we fix his widgets and make him look good that is all that matters. The bottom line especially more then ever is going to be the priority.

Now I understand there is going to be some people out there that you say shows you respect. I get that, but look around. For every person you say shows you respect, you could find one that is giving society the middle finger. Just for the record no I do not live in East LA or the Bronks. I come from suburbia in Alberta, Canada.

Now lets put the microscope on the law enforcement in Canada. Cops of today feel that they are bigger then us, and they are there to save the world. What they do makes a difference and are above the law when they act out. Something like a rich celebrity. See way back when, when respect was a word that was a common word in our English language. Maybe that is the problem respect is being lost because we are such a melting pot in our society, and some other realms respect works on so many different levels. So what is respect for some is disrespect for others. Bottom line is we need to take a step back and set a base line. Re-evaluate what is good and evil in life and move to the good side. I know this sounds very condescending, but it is that simple.

People need to find the Zen within themselves. Treat each other like we are just that people. I know that sounds all warm and fuzzy, and even be a bit corny. That is why we have a lack of respect in society, some where along the way some people figured they where better then others. People laugh at me when I say a doctor, lawyer,cop what ever is no different then little old me in crazy town Alberta. We all have heart, lungs, blood, skin. The only part of the whole picture is our egos. size and money. Some people with huge egos take power positions like law enforcement. Now I don't want ever cop running my license hoping to give me an ego check at their next check stop. An ego is a good thing as long as you can keep a leash on it. Just like some people should own pit bulls and some people should own poodles. At the end of the day everyone should step down, and evaluate their life. Through that evaluation one can learn that we are all human and not ten feet tall and bullet proof. Except that for what it is, and be kinder to man or woman kind. Go find a kid and give them a life lesson on the base line of respect.

Until Next Time... Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners.
Laurence Sterne

From the Big Ape

Friday, March 6, 2009

Interesting Results

I must admit I was a bit taken back when I seen the results from my resent poll question. Only 55% of my reading audience had been directly effected by the recession. Now I guess that leads to a bigger question... not for this week, but non the less a bigger question, is the media doing exactly what I predicted? Is the "Sky Is Falling" prediction actually happening? I don't know a lot of people that you talk to, and I am sure we are talking to the same people and really wondering where this mess in the world really going. Now I know some of my friends have been directly effected as they have lost jobs because of it. Now are they the 44% that answered my poll? I am not sure, but non the less I would like to thank everyone who responded, and encourage everyone to take a look at the new poll question for this week.

I would also like to take a few moments and shine a spotlight on to a very interesting site that I came across in my rambling travels. As you may or may not know we bloggers have a catalog. Here anyone can go a see what other bloggers are writing so we can showcase our work, and see other peoples stuff. Now I cannot spot light everyone I read about or that would be all my blog would do. For some that would be fine, and there is blogs out there like that. There is at times a blog or two which I have shared with you in the past that really has made me sit back and say wow this is a pretty good idea, or what a well put together site etc. Anyway this site I think is kind of everything rolled into one. I really don't know much about this person other then they are from the USA. I do know though that they could have not hit the nail on the head especially now that the world is going in the direction that it is. Take a look at Switch to Riches you may not agree with everything, but I think this person is pretty insightful as to if we take care of the little things the bigger situations will seem a bit more manageable. Check them out and tell them the Big Ape sent you.

Until next time..."Money is just the poor man's credit card."
Marshall McLuhan.

From the Big Ape ;0)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Taking Ownership For Your Mistakes!

Here I sit this morning reading my paper over my morning cereal, and I am left wondering what we in society have to look forward to? Is this is the direction that our system is going?
Treatment, not jail, for Manitoba bus beheader; victim's family angry . Then I went a bit further and read this one; Dagenais says he shot back 'as a matter of survival' , then lastly Mountie denies 'cooking up' story after Taser death

No one is willing to say "ME Bad! , and I screwed up. Now lets take ownership accept what the punishment is and move on. In some cases it might be; lose public opinion in some cases with the Government, or in the case of taking shots at RCMP officers well that kind of speaks for its self. Just for the sake of argument OK take a shot and hit one officer by mistake, but take a shot, then another , then one more and say;" oh I was not sure where I was shooting"....I call BULLSHIT He knew exactly where he was shooting, and he did exactly what he wanted to do. Now he needs to be a man and own up to what he did, and take his lumps accordingly.

No one can take ownership for their actions! Now when they get to court they will cry they were abused, or came from a bad place, we had this or that happen to them to make them this way. HELLO what happened to you know I screwed up got caught in the heat of the moment. I am an idiot, and deserve to go to jail for the rest of my life or at least be punished for my actions. That is called consequences. Is that not what we teach our kids? Not in this country...If you are a bad cop they will say bad boy! Move him, or maybe make him push paper, if at the very worst fire his ass because he was an aggressive ego maniac that did not deserve to be on the force in the first place! Well if you are Mr. Li he will sit in the nut cracker suite, and if WE are lucky he won't get out again. Contrary to popular belief he will probably pull the wool over the Dr's eyes and be out within 10 or so years even though he is just as crazy as the shit house rat that he was before he went into club med. The assclown in Saskatchewan will just claim he was an abused Metis from past law enforcement, and chances are he will get a soft slap on the hand and sent off to club fed to take a time out. If the system does not fail us,and he actually does get to go away. It will only be away for 25 years which is a joke in its self. How does that constitute someones life? He gets to go home to some family. That is better then the 2 officers get that he put in the ground. WAKE UP PEOPLE WE NEED CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!!!! Take a life... get exterminated! Lets start cleaning out the gene pool before these bad eggs start to pollute the whole thing.

Until next time...*** Remember ***
The light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off due to budget cuts.

From the Big Ape...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Should we feel sorry for the car companies?

As the car companies stand with hat in hand looking for our tax dollars could they have stopped this problem before it even got started? If they would have only listened to their customers! Case in point the removal of the EV1 out of the market place in 2000 and 2001. Now lets take a trip if you will back to 1999. The EV1 is the electric car that GM first came out with, but the concept was carried over to Toyota,Honda. Now do you remember a mass advertising campaign for the electric vehicles? I don't! Why Not? Now I would like to take this one step further how does big oil figure into this question? In a time of being green why did this concept not take off? As you can see I think there is more questions then there is answers.

Big oil is a force to be reckoned with, on many fronts. We have been so dependent on fossil fuels that they think they rule the roost. Kind of the neighborhood bully if you will. Now Mr. Green is coming in, and telling the big oil bully that they are not necessarily the only act in the neighborhood. So muscles are flexed, but the rest of the neighborhood still follow old thought patterns and Mr. Oil wins once again. Everybody liked their way of life, and lets face it people do not like leaving their comfort zone. This is starting to sound like a real bad "B" rated movie.

Now lets fast forward 8 years to 2009, and Mr. Green comes back with more friends, and the neighborhood is tired of being held hostage to old thought processes. So they start pointing out facts of what happened in 2000 and 2001. They start asking questions what happened to those cars and SUV's? Why did they not stay in the market place? What happened to some of that technology that was used back then? We are now seeing it be the saving grace in today's green cars? Why not then? Now that the car companies are one month away from closing their doors they have realized that Mr. Green might not be a bad date to take to the party after all.

GM has figured out that the millions of dollars that was spent on R and D to create these green cars should have been saved in order to take us into today's market place. So I guess is better to show up fashionably late to the ball, rather then not show up at all. People want the technology now just as much as they wanted it then. So where does this the oil companies now? I think in my humble opinion they have over stayed their welcome. People of today want more then your gas guzzling, oil burning 4 wheeled modes of transportation.

So before your electricity goes to $11.00 a watt go buy your green vehicle. Enjoy cleaner air!

Until next time...Life is a game. Money is how we keep score.

From the Big Ape :0)