Monday, March 9, 2009

There probably is no god, now stop worrying and enjoy your life.

"There probably is no god, now stop worrying and enjoy your life."
Now that is a statement that should have got you boiling if nothing else reaching for your keyboard to leave me a comment that I am going to burn in hell. This is a statement that has started people chatting about religion this week! This is what you might see on Bus's or Bill Boards if you live in a large metropolitan city. So you can only imagine as I am sure I am going to get the mail, and comments about this kind of statement. A lot of wars have been started because people do not agree with religious fundamentals. Is this going to cause a world war? I don't know, but what if the statement is right? I have been questioning my religious balance for some time. Not that I want to get into a huge debate about Darwin and such, but the guy had some very valid points. I read a statement the other day I believe in Christianity as long as we can have Darwin as an adopted brother. I liked that statement. grinning.... My whole question where did God come from? Everybody has to come from some where. I am told to have faith that God was just there. That is like saying there is alien life forms. No one has seen them, but somebody has to be making those crop circles. Whether you believe or not... I pose a larger point. Why can't they have there point of view exposed just as the religious sect does? If they are going to burn in hell what difference does it make. Is it that the famous religious leaders afraid of? Competition? I have had a real big point all through this argument of Darwinism Verses Christianity, and that is this we have no right to judge so based on that point all we can do as any good believer is get the information, and make an educated decision. As to what they believe... Christianity or what ever, let the person make the choice for themselves. Is it not the case that the true believer supposed to love us all as equals, and God himself will do the judging on the final day. As Jeff Foxworthy made a very funny but valid point that it is going to be Jesus in overalls sitting in the back of an old 56 ford pickup with Matthew driving, and he is going to come down to the pearly gates and say; "lets all go up to the big house and meet daddy and have a bbq. I think it is going to be a lot more simple then people make it out to be. Lastly on the point is we should not be the one judging, and I believe there is more then one way to get to the same party. As Buddha used to say there is more then one way to light a room. The key is that the room is being brought into the light.

Are Canadians just too shy for their own good? Well the above mentioned link thinks that Canadians are just bashful. Bashful or conservative we just don't seem to want to stand up and be noticed. Maybe we are like the little brother that is the wall flower, because the bigger older brother to the south is more experienced, and has paved a way for us to just follow quietly down with out a lot of notice. Canadians are the type to want to hang out in the kitchen, and help with the set up of dinner where the USA is the first to the bar and last to leave when the party is over. We retire long before the party wraps up. We are considered the old folks of the club. Maybe that is it the USA are the cool hip kids, and the Canadians are the old folks of the club. Non the less One Week is a move that is supposed to be a pretty good flix based on a Canadian point of view. Check it out!

Case and point about taking responsibility; "Neighborhood cry's to city about street up keep." We are not responsible enough to take the necessary skills it takes from putting a SUV in the middle of someones living room. HELLO people when the road is icy SLOW DOWN!!!This not the same as running with your class 1 camel license you had previous. Be ten minutes late for little Bambie's play date. Instead we climb on to that social magic carpet, and whine and cry if the roads would have been sanded I would have been able to drive mach 1. My question is what makes it any different then say winter 5 years ago? Just because this is the first winter in a few years that we actually got a bit of snow our minds turn to goo,and we can't drive.

Well I think I have probably got a few people pissed at me and some praying for me. Either way I have got people talking.

Until next time...Remember somewhere there is someone that dreams of your smile, and finds in your presence that life is worthwhile, so when you are lonely remember it’s true, someone somewhere is thinking of you.

From the Big Ape

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Kez Creates said...

lol my problem with the street upkeep (or lack of) is that we pay taxes that are supposed to go towards things like this and it's not getting done. The snow in front of my house has been there since DECEMBER. It is MARCH. That is pretty sad. Now it is melting and filling the entire crescent with slush, the storm drain is clogged and I don't even know where the darn thing is or I would clean it myself, I literally cannot see it under all the muck. The main road where my children's school is was not plowed properly until about 3 weeks ago, which led to scary icy conditions for all the children crossing the street trying to get to school, and dangerous for the safety patrollers too. It's not just cars and people driving like idiots - pedestrians have to practically swim down some sidewalks because the snow melting off the roads ends up there instead, have trouble finding a spot to cross a road safely, and cannot enjoy the balmy weather due to the atrocious conditioners everywhere. Cars were parked almost a foot above sidewalks in some places for over a month because of the amount of snow on the roads. Some people, like us, could not park in front of our own homes for over a month due to the thick snow and ice. It is a pain in the arse and the city does not seem to care,,, but I would like to take a look at the politicians and Chamber of Commerce people's roads... hmm wanna bet they were cleaned off quickly? I know two that were - within DAYS. Yet meanwhile others have had no road for 3 months. That's truly disgusting. So that's my personal problem with it. Other cities I have lived in had a league of snow removal equipment ready for action at all times.

Thousands of cars drive out of the city every morning to get to work (BATUS, oil companies, gas companies, etc) and they had to deal with ridiculous conditions with no plows in site. What does our money go to? The Esplanade and future arena? That's helpful lol.