Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is this a Scare Tactic or A Money Grab?

Ok boys and girls lets gather around your computer monitor, and I will tell you a scary story. That's enough of the dramatics for one day! Well maybe not Lawsuit launched against shop, Region is this the last of the dramatic posturing for one day? Give me a break! This is just someone that has learned back room lawyer 101 trying to create a bullshit scare tactic, and try and scoff a few bucks while they are at it . At the end of the day they are going to tie up our already too precious court time, and probably ruin some good viable businesses. All for the sake of some grand standing tactic. If you explore the lawsuit it is probably some wannabe alder person that did not get in last election? Now they are trying to create a do gooder image for next time around. SEE SEE I was the putz who tried to keep you safe from yourself...Look at me!!! Yes it is too bad that there is not more health inspectors, but don't only go after tattoo and piercing shops. As the article reads these people look after schools, day cares, and cafes. They do not bring to light the restaurants that have more of a chance of killing you or your family from e-coli, listeria or maybe botulism.

People have got to understand that those shops in that area were running just fine, and if there is a problem with A particular studio. THEN SUE OR SHUT DOWN THAT PARTICULAR STUDIO! It is not the industry as a whole. With further exploration is it a church organization trying to rid society of those heathens that spawn ink and piercings? Can I get an amen sister!!! Ya Right...

The sad part of this whole situation is people don't just get wound up in that geographical area. With the power of the internet just as I am bringing this to you. I bring this to light in order to fight for the little guy. Groups with deeper pockets, and much more sinister intentions. Parade these headlines around like a pimp advertising his girls on the busiest street corner. City budgets are weak. What a better way to bolster the money makers to thinking this is a pragmatic problem that the tax payers need to throw money at. Hold the phone here Charlie Brown! Are your intentions created with malice or are you doing this to make sure our day cares and school lunch rooms are safe? Or are you doing this to drive a nail into the coffin of a very viable business that is already hurting just like every other ligament business in these tough economic times.

Until next time...Remember attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching?

Cheers from the Big Ape ;0)


suZen said...

It's amazing what people care and don't care about, what gets them and doesn't get them - and "tudes", well that is a whole 'nuther story, isn't it?

Kez Creates said...

It happens all the time where a few bad apples spoil the bunch. In my school district, because a few parents do not feed their children properly, EVERYONE has to conform by not allowing anyone to bring food not on the Canada Food Guide into the school (like I can't send cupcakes or cookies for my kids' birthday parties). Because a few kids get out of control, no one is allowed to even make a snowball, let alone throw one. The same thing happens at workplaces, malls, stores, restaurants, etc.

But there is a problem with govt putting programs into place such as inspections, and then not doing them properly. At my former workplace, we could not get our new license without sending in recent Health and Fire inspection reports - but they wouldn't show up! So we had to call them and say 'hellloooo? We need you to come in!' I don't know how that tattoo parlour got re-licensed each year without inspection reports - so that would fall on whatever station of govt oversaw it, municipal/provincial. We could not apply for a new license without our regular govt inspection either, and they were supposed to come at least twice a year but usually only came once. A couple of times, we were in danger or running illegally (unlicensed) because inspectors did not show up.

But in the end, they definitely should not penalize everyone for mistakes made by ONE. That is unfair and just a cop-out to make it look like the governing authorities care. If they really did - they would have kept up their end of the bargain and completed inspections.