Saturday, March 7, 2009

Respect Is Earned Not Demanded!

I learned that early on in life that respect was something that was earned not demanded. Now somewhere along the line the law enforcement in British Columbia seemed to falter, and it has been a comedy of errors in recent months. Now some might say it is arrogance, some might say it is the simple fact they are ten feet tall and bullet proof(no pun intended). What ever the excuses or reasons these situations are all with a common actions. It is a cop that has gone too far whether it is the fact that they feel bullet proof, and above the law and decides to drive drunk, or maybe it is the cops that thought it was a good sport to shock a person into submission which ends up killing him. All this ends up the same way there was a lack of respect for people!

The problem is respect is not being taught early on in life so what can we expect when these people go to run our country, and be part of our law enforcement. Now I know I can hear the people jumping up and down saying I show respect! My kids have respect! Well I am going to say that is a very small group in society. Take a look around. Now yes I am saying this on a broad perspective because respect is being lost with our youth, our neighborhoods, our work places, our law enforcement agencies. I hear a lot of people saying my boss does not care how I feel! As long as he gets his widgets to market, or we fix his widgets and make him look good that is all that matters. The bottom line especially more then ever is going to be the priority.

Now I understand there is going to be some people out there that you say shows you respect. I get that, but look around. For every person you say shows you respect, you could find one that is giving society the middle finger. Just for the record no I do not live in East LA or the Bronks. I come from suburbia in Alberta, Canada.

Now lets put the microscope on the law enforcement in Canada. Cops of today feel that they are bigger then us, and they are there to save the world. What they do makes a difference and are above the law when they act out. Something like a rich celebrity. See way back when, when respect was a word that was a common word in our English language. Maybe that is the problem respect is being lost because we are such a melting pot in our society, and some other realms respect works on so many different levels. So what is respect for some is disrespect for others. Bottom line is we need to take a step back and set a base line. Re-evaluate what is good and evil in life and move to the good side. I know this sounds very condescending, but it is that simple.

People need to find the Zen within themselves. Treat each other like we are just that people. I know that sounds all warm and fuzzy, and even be a bit corny. That is why we have a lack of respect in society, some where along the way some people figured they where better then others. People laugh at me when I say a doctor, lawyer,cop what ever is no different then little old me in crazy town Alberta. We all have heart, lungs, blood, skin. The only part of the whole picture is our egos. size and money. Some people with huge egos take power positions like law enforcement. Now I don't want ever cop running my license hoping to give me an ego check at their next check stop. An ego is a good thing as long as you can keep a leash on it. Just like some people should own pit bulls and some people should own poodles. At the end of the day everyone should step down, and evaluate their life. Through that evaluation one can learn that we are all human and not ten feet tall and bullet proof. Except that for what it is, and be kinder to man or woman kind. Go find a kid and give them a life lesson on the base line of respect.

Until Next Time... Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners.
Laurence Sterne

From the Big Ape

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suZen said...

Wow you are sure right about respect - it needs to be taught EARLY and gently. My kids are grown and on their own. Both are extremely respectful of others, of nature, and laws. I couldn't be prouder of them - but they weren't born that way! :)