Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How Much Is Too Much Information?

Well as I sit typing this my Facebook account quietly updates itself. Twitter receives its tweets, my g-mail silently gathers my e-mail. Lets not forget my black berry, it is busy doing what blackberries do. Keeping me informed from a mobile stand point. I also have my scanner whispering sweet information into my ear telling me what is happening when you put your ear to the street. Now some of my readers probably got left behind at twitter and tweets. Don't feel ashamed, sometimes I think I have fallen into the information overload disease. Holy techno crunch batman! How informed do you really need to be? Well honestly it is not even keeping informed as much as just having something to do. As you may or may not know I come from a back ground of freelance media. A lot of this kind of stuff come from when I was a mobile scribe, but you scratch your head and say; "hold the phone my little chunky monkey you have not been into the media since 1998?" I can say I was probably the best informed PCA when I worked in health care. Like I say old habits die hard, and being nosy dies harder. Smile...

Some ask why do I have to be so nosy? It is not really being nosy as such, as it is being informed. Yes I will admit I am a news junky. What is one mans trivial fact might just be an interesting piece of news for someone else. I am roaming all over the internet. What am I looking for you ask? Well really nothing, but a whole lot of everything. I might scan the twitter site then go read a news paper. Then I will go read what is happening on Facebook, then something there might send me on another fact finding mission. Lets face it I am a technological ape that roams the internet looking informative bananas.

Society of today has become the new reporters. One used to turn on the news at 6PM to find out what was happening in the world as we know it. Now those reporters of today still keep some people informed, but that is a small percentage because of the wizardry of today the neighborhood kid on the street corner could be your next reporter. With Youtube, and various sites like this our local media look to these type of sites to polish their own stories that they bring to you at your dinner table. So I ask who is the reporter now? The neighborhood kid with a video phone, or your hi priced reporter that rolls when channel 6 news attends an event? A bigger
question comes to mind who is the better reporter? Jimmy with the eye for detail and a $200 I-Phone, or James Taylor with the $300 dollar sports jacket and $20,000 worth of gear? Some days that is left for debate!

Blogging is another medium that adds to the techno science of the wild web. A friend that is from the silver era asked me to explain to him in layman's speak. So just as I have pretty well did it here they asked WHY? That is a big question; "To be informed I reply." Then I was asked how much information is too much? Well I find that kind of a personal question. Not like how many times to you go to the bathroom personal...smile, but personal in the sense of it depends on you as a person. What you might find is information overload is just getting me warmed up...Grin

So in conclusion I should be getting back to checking my various news haunts to see what is happening in the world. I would be interested from you as a reader what is too much information for you? What has got you saying you are on information overload, and need to unplug from the system for a bit. Allowing you to get back with nature and the simple things in life.

Until next time Just remember...if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off

From the Big Ape


suZen said...

Haha - love this! The whole social media world blows me away! Before 2009 I didn't know what a blog WAS, now look! I am tip-toeing my way into the www bit by bit. What you are describing in this blog is pretty much your whole day then? I know I can spend WAY too much time visiting blogs and cruisin youtube (amazing place!) but I have other projects going and a house to run, domestic diva that I am!

What gives me information overload? Wow, a lot! Lately I've been skipping the news on tv, I scan my local paper a few days a week and have been making an effort to stay away from it all. I see headlines when I turn on the computer - a few things I'll look into - the rest, not so much. I can handle very little anymore. I was a total news junkie when my son was in Iraq and Afghanistan - those years did me in, my friend.
In many ways.

suZen said...

p.s. Would LOVE your comments on my blog MillieWisdom - it's been shouted out the most of anything I've ever written.