Thursday, November 27, 2008

News and Views

Well as the title reads we have a bit of news and I have some personal views when it comes to the news. A short posting as we know it. I may be back later today with more of my fun and frolic type stuff later on as I do more of my daily routine.

Well lets start with the news because we know once I get started on a rant I am done, and things kind of get left out in left field some where. I hav e started a new site called A Reflection Of Time. It is slow starting, but I encourage you to vist when I send out posting reminders. For two reasons you may find your photo up there. I am taking a lot more pics at functions now. If there is anything that you would like blown up to frame get a hold of me as that is the business side of the site. Check the site out again I must admit it is just in its infancy. Watch and grow as it grows. (and I get better in photography lol)

One may or may not know I lived in Brooks. When I reveal that little nugget of information people screw up their face if they have been past Brooks on the Trans Canada Hi-way and say how could you live with that smell? OMG it is nasty. Well I would like to say for the record now that I have been away for 10 or so years (man how time flies) I can ask that same question. Honestly though when you live there you really do not notice it as much. Now don't get me wrong if the wind was blowing just right on a summers day we smelt the sweet aroma of the feed lot. To be very honest I found the smell of the feed mill that was located in the East end of Brooks to be twice as nasty of a smell as the sweet fragrence of ODE to the Cow. Now before you guys bail on me thinking that I have totally flipped my lid and am just babbeling amously I am heading some where with this. Stay with me and climb aboard, and take a ride down memory lane. Some of you that read this can appreciate this more then others. Any way I digressed. Circa 1980 Darcy was transplaned into Brooks from a little hamelt called Duchess Not far from Brooks (google it if you are board sometime) Moving from Duchess I was a teen thinking I just had been catipulted into the likes of New York compared to Duchess. Before that I started my life in Gleichen. Now there is a happening little community!! (not) Anyway Brooks as I knew it was about 6000 or so people. Our idea of a big news story was who the mayor was going to have over for dinner this week. Now lets jump a head some 28 3/4 years (Man that sounds strange... I am really starting to think I am getting old. lol) If you picked up a news paper in Brooks today they are talking about their second murder in 3 months. It seems like at least once a month that some outside media source is talking trash about something in Brooks. In some ways that saddens me. That is my home town more or less you are bad mouthing buddy! I must face reality though the town that I grew up in is not the town or city (although I think that is a streach) is now. I still have some very good friends back there that I still go back and visit, heck my doctor is still in Brooks. The days of driving down the main street and waving at 3/4 of the traffic on the road is long since past. I hardly know anyone on the streets now. I was a home town kid, I worked in the Media I was known my many, and like by a few. (I did court reporting in Brooks for about 12 years let me say for the record I had a few people that were not real happy with me when they seen their name or one of their family members name in one of the papers or on the radio. lol I now you cannot see your name on the radio, but you get the hind) My motto was do the crime pay the time, and if that ment getting your 15 minutes of fame so be it. My point as some would ask is people have to understand that Brooks is not the quite little mayberry that we grew up knowing and loving. Now they have a very big drug community, gangs, and a general bad ass atmosphere. With that comes the same people that are as sweet as ever. They too admt with the influx of all people comes good and bad. It is sad to think that alot of the new commers come from places that crime is first had nature rather then second hand. One has to hope that the law enforcement that is employeed in town will do the job that they hired on for. Bust these bad asses, and send them back to where they come from. I will say that publicity like the murders are somewhat frustrating to hear about, but then again we have to understand this is not mayberry and I am not Opie and Miss B has long since passed. This is 2008 and we have to understand no matter where you live good and bad is going to happen. You can live in a community of 500 to a city of upwards of 1 million. People are people, and good and bad is going to happen no matter where you live. We just cannot get hung up on the bad, and recognize what is happening in our cities and towns for the good. Local community group raises 1.5 million for new arena, or community group domates coats for the under privledged. Every twon and city has that going on, now lets change our reference point from the bad and look at the world though a lighter shade of glasses. Instead of rose colored (as I don't think burying you head is good either) maybe a nice shade of pink!

This leads me to my next point. I am beginning to think that the bad news stuff seems to just follow me. You would have had to just crawled out from under a rock to not be smacked in the face with the recent trial that has been happening in Calgary that is being broadcast world wide, that reflects the triple murder in Medicine Hat. Now first and foremost I must say in some ways I am glad it is happening in Calgary rather than Medicine Hat, because the media circus has moved to Calgary rather then focusing it in the city that that terrible day happened. No matter where you lived that twisted tale that happened that night is just humanity gone wrong. Now I would like to go on the record and say. I think the young lady that was sentenced before this clown got away scott free. What a slap in the face 10 years. Wooped dee do! Everyone says she has to live with her actions. That makes her out to be a victim! HELLO she was the puppet master, and he was the poor sap that was her puppet. Now I think that he does not deserve to breath personally! He shoud have been exterminated long ago. Unfortunitly in our mamby pamby society that will never happen. We will sentence him at best to 25 years, and we as tax payers will have to be held hostiage by these two because they are going to be products of the system ever after.

Well I guess it is time to go face the day. Try and find some good news today. I know I plan to!

Remember opinions are just like certain parts of the anatomy every one has one just some are bigger then others.

From the Big Ape

Monday, November 24, 2008

How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?

Hidy Ho friends,neighbours,fellow country people, and primates too. It has been a bit since I last posted. It has been a bit crazy around the cage lately. I have been catching up on a few projects that I have been wanting to clear off the stove before winter sets in. I recently did a road trip to Calgary. When I travel anymore further then the Doctors it seems it take alot out of me. I must admit that this trip to Calgary was 2.5 years in the making so I was not going to miss this even if they had to wheel me in on a gurney strapped to a donkey. I will let you know more of the out come as the news comes in. I must admit I do not expect much, but my counsel did a steller job. So win, lose, or draw I left nothing on the table. We all know how insurance companies work though if they can weasel out they try and generally do so. I hope for the best, but do not holding my breath. Anyway what is knew with you?

I came across this little video called college trick to end hunger. If you know how he did this please enlighten me in the leave a comment section. I thought this was pretty cool. I hope you find it as interesting as I did. Mind you it does not take very much to amuse me. Give me something shiny, and I will be amused for at least 5 minutes lol.

Now I realize that up here in Canada we are listed as a very conservative country. Some might even call us up tight. In some cases I think conservative is not a bad thing, but there is somethings we need to relax on. I came across a commercial the other day that I know will never make it in Canada, and with the up roar on gays and the life style you would probably never see this in North America. Take a look at this little gem and you will see what I mean. Make sure when you view this funny ad to check out some of the other ones on the right. I think you will agree with me that there is some funny commercials out there that we have nor will we ever see. That is too bad, because I think the world needs to relax a bit, laugh more and just learn to like each other more. Ok there is my warm and fuzzy moment for today. lol

Well this next item of interest is something that I have been saying for over 20 years. I laugh now I guess because I have been off the market of love for that long. The Mrs. and I have been together 20 years this January 5th. Wow time flies when you are having fun, and even when you are not. I must say the last 20 years have just flew by though. Mellody has definitely been my Mrs. Right. Check this piece I found on craigslist as to why Geeks and Nerds are a worth while prospect. Comment as to what you think, whether a geek or Nerd are worth while catches. Lets hear some stories good or bad on your finds.

Now I have always said that we can, and do produce some real decent talent here in Alberta, Canada and I will even say Medicine Hat. We have Terry Clarke, Kaylen Porter, Camel Toe, Nickle Back and list goes on. Now the problem with these bands and artists until they gravitate to larger centers like Vancouver, Toronto or the USA they do not really have a chance of making it big. Now this next talent called Alpha Galates better known as the Hollow when they played around the Hat. These guys are pretty good. I must admit they are not totally my genre of music that I listen to, but I am open to new stuff and their video Standing is pretty good. That is the thing people have to be open to new talent, and understand them for who they are. Too many people say well they don't sound like the AC DC's or the Nickle Backs of the world so they can't be any good. Well just because there is strength in numbers, and we have too many rednecks up here in western Canada so these folks had to head to Toronto to actually make a promising living. So give them a listen, and check out their my space page. If you like what they are producing do one better go buy some Cd's and pass them out for the festive season. They actually sound pretty good. I hope they make it to the status like the Bare Naked Ladies or Wide Mouth Mason. Hey they are from Medicine Hat they can't be all bad. lol Rock On....

The Sky is Falling, The Sky is falling.... Well if you were out side this past thursday, and lived in Western Canada you probably seen this little piece of history. A meteor they say found the earths orbit and came tumbling down. Now I will say that it must have been a pretty good sized rock as the glow lasted for about 3 or 4 seconds. The running joke when we were talking about it at supper on Friday that maybe it was that tool bag that was dropped on that space walk earlier in the week. None the less what ever it was that came down it is going to keep some geeky people busy looking for the landing spot if there is one for some time. So if you live in the area of Lloydminister to Irvine and maybe as far as Saskatoon with a large hole in your back 40 that you did not have before Thursday afternoon you may want to get a hold Norad or Nasa. Happy hunting...

Now it is time to turn the page into a bit more of a serious place of reading. When one hears about Mental Illness we all think about people snapping and going on a killing spree. I will say there is those type of stories, but for the most part Mental Illness is something that people have that goes untreated, because of the stigma from work collegues or family and friends treating them differently. Did you realize 1 in 5 people suffer at different levels of mental illness sometime through out their life. Depression, SAD to true phycosis is all part of mental illness. I can say that I have and do have a mental illness. I suffer from extreme depression. Now people that know me knew me before my affliction. A life changing situation could cause it as it did for me. Various reasons can cause mental illness, but the reason I am even talking about this subject is two fold I don't think Mental illness is talked about enough. Everybody wants to sweep this under the rug, it seems like the taboo illness to get. It is funny when talking to some one about sickness. If you mention that you have cancer or diabetis people are wanting to know if they can be of any help. If you mention that you were in hospital for depression it is almost like you have a contagious disease. Mental heath problems is just like cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. It is all treatable, and once it is under control one can go back to leading a normal life. People do not understand Mental illness so they assume alot. There is alot of myths out there too. If you or someone you love has a mental illness go here. I challenge people to educate themselves when it comes to something they don't know. Don't assume go get hard facts. Like I say to people if you had a heart attack you would get treatment. If you contracted cancer you would probably do as much reasearch as you could. Well Mental illness is no different. Now the reason I bring this all up is because this article I read. Mental illness needs more treatment in the community. That is the problem there is very little fail safes for mental illness once you leave the hospital. Now some people are very blessed with understanding family support to have a checks and balance system in place. Alot of times when one contracts the mental illness they push or scare the people around them away. So what about those people? Or lets talk about the people that just simply fall through the cracks of the system. Bottom line I know in my city our system is lacking to say the least. Part of the reason is lack of funding, lack of staff in conjunction to the lack of funds, and lastly the lack of education which again is do to lack of staff again. Whether it is volunteer or paid the staff is not there to take up the necessary role for people go from the safe confines of a hospital room to the big bad world head long. So I say next time you look at a person or better yet a group of people 1 in 5 are suffering with mental health issues.

Well last, but not least is the big story about where are we headed finanically? Some could use the term that I used earlier of The Sky is Falling! Well I am not sure what to make of it yet. It depends on who you talk to. Some say the country, and the world as we know it is in for a long resession. I think it is media driven to a point, and this is why. I feel we the people are the driving force in all of this mess. So when you hear consistently that the the country is in a resession we tend to hoard our money preparing for the worst. So with that happening it drives the economy even further down. Now I am not going to say that we should go out and spend like drunkin sailors, but I am saying to spend within your means, and enjoy your life to the fullest of your means. Now when I read this article that I am about to mention it makes me wonder is it greed or stupidity that makes people act like this. Now go check out the said article. Now after reading this I would tell this CEO go back and prove to me that you really deserve this bailout. I think if some these CEO's would turn back some of their $ and ask the staff to follow the same example maybe we would not be in the situation we are. i would like to ask you to look at the forigien car makers like Honda or Toyota you never see them asking for money for a bailout. Live within your means, run a tight ship the world would be better off for it. Comment what you think on this matter.

Well I think I have amused you enough for one day. Remember be kind to one another as a duck maybe someone's mother.

From the Big Ape

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lest We Forget

As some may just view this as a nice break in the middle of the week. We must sit back and acknowledge our fallen that have given their lives to fight for our freedom. It used to be that it was our elderly that we looked to hear stories of war, now we can look to our siblings, our neighbours, and our children to hear of the atrocities that has been cast upon our military of today. We need to say a silent prayer for our fallen and the ones that are still out their laying their lives on the line to see that when we get up each and every morning to live in the land of free. Thank you to the thousands of troops both men and women that are protecting our freedoms! Keep up the great work, and may each and everyone of you return home safe to your loved ones! Also a silent prayer for those that have friends and family over their fighting for our freedoms. May you stay strong , and I hope your people that are important to you return home safely!

A pondering thought occurred after reading this next blog. The Blog of the day I might add. (the rant is about 3/4 the way down the page) The banning of cell phones. Now check out the link I just added. This person that has this blog thinks a lot out side of the box. It is true they say using hands free is fine in some states and provinces, but how long is it before they are going to ban cell use in the car altogether? Then when do they go to that point of what is next? Like the fellow blogger states talking to passengers,thinking, eating... Are you going to need a special license to transport passengers of any number? Along with that license you will get special training to tune out a passenger who talks to you. Quite frankly my wife does not need that course. I think she could probably teach it! They say we have selective hearing, well my wife is the queen of selective hearing I am So when people get in your face about voting, and rallying for all these do gooder bills, just remember to think out side of the box, and see where these little gems could lead you to in the future with our Gov't that needs to think for us and legislate bills for own good of course! Just be careful what you wish for my Grandmother use to say, you might get more then you bargained for! Wise words..God Rest Her Sole...

Now this next story is labeled Wow you can do what ever you want as long as you put your mind to it, and as long as you are crazy enough! This young man in the video is incredible! It just goes to show you as long as you have no fear, and perseverance you can do anything! I will do a few things in my chair, but mostly mine has to do with speed. I cannot wait until I can move from my manual chair to my power chair. Then my wheelie bars are going to be put to good use. lol anyway check the young lad out he is scary awesome!

Now speaking about crazy. How crazy are you? How far will you go to get an adrenaline rush? Do you live to push the limits? Nothing scares you? Well you need to check this place out.

Now if this gets your motor running you are certifiable crazy!!!!!

Ok here is why old people should not drive. How do you explain this to your insurance company.

Ok well I have just about found as much entertainment I can to amuse you for one day. Not only that I have run out of things to keep my interest more then two minutes. Again take 2 minutes today and think of our fallen and the comrades that are defending us from the evil in the world to make our country a safer place to live, and have our freedoms we experience everyday!

From the Big Ape

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

If you're born again do you have two belly buttons?

Good day to men, women, and small farm animals. I thought it was about time to make another post to enlighten you once again with what is floating around in my big pumpkin. Some people might even find helpful if not entertaining information in. I think that our global warming summer is over now so we can move into late fall or early winter depending on what part of the planet you call home. They are forecasting some of that white stuff for this evening, and later on in the week. So if you don't hear from me for a few days I went out to take a pee, and froze my ape ass in the snow! lol Man winter has got to be the most depressing season out of the lot. It is pretty if you can sit in a nice warm enclosure and just look out side, and for some that is maybe what you think I do, but contrary to popular belief I do have to venture out on occasion, and that is when the old ape is not a happy camper. Snow is pretty to look at in pictures, but not so fun when you have to be out in it. So as you guessed I am not a skier or snow bunny that like skidooing or hiking in it.

Enough about me. I have a adventure that I want to share with all my readers. A good friend and colleague of mine (I use that last term loosely) as he is 10 fold better than I ever will be when it comes to media work. Kyle has just got back from a trip to Ethiopia. I think it would be cool to share an adventure that he spent nearly 2 weeks over there viewing how we Canadians are making a difference over there. Now if you live in the Medicine Hat area tune into Chat news casts either at 5:30pm or 6pm, and view all this week they will be running footage of Kyles adventure the first one aired last night. This will be a 5 part expose of the trip. It also airs at 11pm. Now if you have satellite I understand chat is there also, so surf your guide and check it out. It is interesting how every day people like Kyle and various people that you would meet at your local grocery store is making the trip on their own funds I might add to make a difference. It is amazing what we can do that to us is a pretty small gesture means the world to them over there. We really don't know how lucky we are until we watch something like this. I have put out the request to Kyle and his station to sell the DVD here on my site and various other places trying to create a fund to either do this again or maybe go some more some where else. Time will be the test on that one. Anyway check it out if you can. I know I have said in the past that Charity begins at home, and I still agree with that statement, but as I stated before these people used their own funds for this project. Good on them the big ape says with two opposing thumbs up!! LOL

So what's up with the gas prices? When does it appear that the provider of the product namely us in Alberta have to pay more then the folks in say Toronto? Now I know the goofs in suits are going to try and put a spin on this and say it is all about supply and demand. Well what ever the spin doctors come up with it is going to be crap. I heard last night that Ontario has been labeled one of the "have not provinces" well I am not sure what data you need to fall into a "have not province" label, but am sure there is places that are in rougher condition than Ontario. As I have said before and will say again. It is all about how the facts are skewed. I can say I am not fat, I am just short for my weight. So when there is an agenda to be had you can get what ever you want if you twist the information enough. I digressed though... can someone tell me why when I can open out my back window, and if the breeze is blowing the right way smell condensate (an oil by product). That goes to show we are pretty close to the product, and we are still paying 93 cents a freaking liter? Well I guess if you want to read more on this, check out this article.

Here is a good segway from above mentioned article to my point I am going to tell you about now. Science figures by 2011 we are going to be able to run cars on air and a bit of fuel or even salad oil. Now a car that runs mostly on air. Hmmmm that means I will never have to pay for fuel again, because I have got lots and it is hot so I should be able to go real fast then. (I figured I would say it before my readers emailed me with the comment! Grin) Now the down size to this is two fold. Have you seen these things? Check out the link they have a picture of it. It is butt ugly, not only that it is not much bigger then a roller skate on steroids! Thanks I'll wait until GMC brings out my hybrid pick-up thanks. I do pose one question though. What happened to our technowlogy of having fuel 100 miles to the gallon. You cannot tell me with todays information, and equipment we cannot have engines getting larger numbers then what we have now. Do I smell a conspericy with the oil companies? I think the hybrids are kinda the solution. There needs to be some tweaking of the system I am not sure they are spot on yet, but the growing pains are being worked out in a timely manor. In the USA fuel conservation seems to be an eaiser sell then up north. I guess our mentality is we make it we should be able to waste it. I think as time goes on Bio-fuels will be more of the norm then the exception. For now I think I am going to crank up the wheel chair and get a cup of coffee. Some people say my coffee is like drinking oil. My philsophy is there is no such thing as strong coffee just weak people. That also goes for mixed drinks.

Now I am going to switch gears (I kill me!!!), and would like to talk about these two individuals in two different situations died when being tasered in the last week. People are losing perspective on this situation! Poor Sam or Fred he died when he was acting like a jack ass so the local constablitory needed to rein him in, and god forbid they shoot him so they use a tool that is supposed to make you think twice of resisting. So you have a few wires that are crossed, and when zapped your main frame is not able to be rebooted and you become a door stop in the big place I like to call life. Now what are these law enforcement agents supposed to do if they cannot taser you? When you feel that you have the god given right to act like a jack ass then you have the right to be reined in like the floundering fish you are about to become. There is consequeses for your actions people!! Now for the record the last super star in the big picture called life was not actually tasered as one probe did not penetrate him. So he probably died of a drug over dose, or a fart gone cross wise who knows. My point is live by the sword die by the sword! Don't act like a jack ass when law enforcement is trying to question you, and I can pretty well assure you that you will not be tasered. They don't like using it any more then you like getting it. (well maybe a little bit. it would be nice just once if you had the opportunity to just zap one person that was pissing you off. your boss, your child???) You cannot imagine the paper work generated after an incident like this happens. So play nice with Mr. or Mrs policeperson next time, and you will not be laying on the ground wondering if you are ever going to pee normal again!

Now lets end this posting on a sweet note. Not only are we going to talk about donuts ah do-nuts... It is kind of lost in translation when you do it on paper. Hale to Homer!!! Anyway not only are you slightly amused when you read the pondering thoughts of the old ape, we are educational too! I am going to post the history of the donut. Now they talk about Crispy Cream donuts which for the record I have not tried yet. I have been told if I have a Crispy Cream I will never look at the average donut the same way. Is that like if you have had black you will never go back? Anyway I digressed I thought it was just one more useless fact that we can hang on to until we need to pull a Cliff Clavon or ever get challenged to a rousting game of Trivial Pursuit. I know I have just aged myself twice in this paragraph, but I am proud of the 80's and they are not going down with out a fight damn it!

Until next time while I go brush my teeth from all the talk of donuts.
Be kind to one another as a duck may be somebodys mother.

Cheers from the Big Ape... :-)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Why are there 5 syllables in the word monosyllabic?

Hidy ho to friends, neighbours and small children. I hope that everyone got through Hallows eve relatively unscathed? May you got the booty you were looking for whether it was sweet nor savory your sweet tooth was satisfied or your itch got scratched. You found what you were looking for on the eve of ghouls and sugar rushes. It was a quite one here at the Kepke lair. We only had 11 kids this year, and the Mrs and I are getting too old to dress up anymore for what ever reason it may be. lol I am not sure if it is a case of the world is just getting too scary, and parents are not wanting to take the risk with their dear little off spring, or the idea of Halloween is just fading away like the dinosaurs. Either way it was an uneventful evening in our little world we call home. I must be getting old as the uneventful evenings are a good thing these days. lol

Well just as we put one scary event in the books for another year we come into a hole other event that is super scary with no costumes needed! What is that you ask? The Presidential elections are finally coming to a close November 4th. Now depending on what you think of these clowns (no pun intended here lol) will depend on how happy you will be on November 5th. A friend of mine sent me this, and I found it pretty interesting thanks Bill. Now who is behind this and why are they doing it?
Who is behind the site?
Just three guys from Iceland. The site is independent from all political
parties, companies or hidden agendas. It's just an idea a 22 year old
guy in Iceland came up with and executed with a little help from a
couple of friends.
Why are you doing this?
Just out of curiosity. The president of the United States is a powerful
man, probably the most powerful person on the planet. So everyone seems
to have an opinion on who should be the next president of the United
States. We thought it would be interesting to see who would be the next president
if the whole world could vote. It's also a challenge to try to beat the
number of voters in the last US elections. So spread the news.
Vote and then check out the results.

Now something that you may or may not know is one of my pet projects. That would be advocating for the special needs, and everything that will help them. Well I came across this site the other day, and just had to give this young guy some exposure. Now by the time I found this he had already been through my city, but you may be so fortunate to see him in yours before he is all wrapped up on the 31st of December.
Jonathan Howard is running across Canada to raise awareness for Autism Awareness. Now I am not sure what his motivation behind this is. Does he maybe have Autism, or have a family member that does, I am not sure. None the less awareness to this affliction along with various other areas of special needs, needs to be put to the forefront in society today. God speed to this young man, and may he be able make this journey safe and sound with as little discomfort as possible. Check the cause and Jonathan out.

Now lets close this posting off with the fact my fare city is kind of suffering from bad press syndrome. Now some might say that any press is good press if you are being noticed. Well maybe if you are an up coming presidential candidate, and looking for votes maybe. In this case I am not so sure this is or should be the case. What made news for Medicine Hat this week?
12 year old girl returns to court to ask for leniency in her sentence. As you all probably remember, and we would soon like to forget. The horrible day when it was announced that two adults and a small child were found brutally murdered in their home in a quite neighbourhood in Medicine Hat. Now after the huge media circus that it created back in 2006 it still shows up to haunt us in a couple of ways. The co-accused in this mess still waits his fate. His trial gets under way November 17th. One of the accessories to the fact still has not been sentenced yet. Then to add just a bit more bitter icing to this mess the 12 year old that remains nameless because she is a minor has the gall to ask to see if the courts will loosen the restraints on her so she has more freedoms in sentence. Before I go off on a huge tangent regarding this I will say this and leave it at that, and then let you read the story that further give Medicine Hat their black star. I think 10 years 6 of those being what they call closed custody or locked down to a pretty restrictive location, and then 4 years being supervised within the community is a gift in its self. Personally I don't think this little girl should see the light of day for anything less then 25 years. Personally I think that is being too generous, but as it is I think she will be a product of the system whether it be through counseling or on the government dole. There is going to be hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on this girl all for the fateful act back in 2006 that took her family and destroyed it for what we know it as. Here is the link that talks about this story.

Now continuing down that path of blackness yet another member past I will admit is charged with murder. The sadness I feel is for the children left behind, and also the families be left to nurse the media pummeling they will get. His family being from here in Medicine Hat and her's in Edmonton are left to be drug through the media mirth that will follow this story in the upcoming weeks. Here is the story that got my attention.

Now this next story is kind of humorous in all, but again a black cloud is cast over our fare city. Medicine Hat woman named as one of Canada's worst drivers. Now personally I think she is one of many in this city. I will say since this show has been airing this is the second person from Medicine Hat. Now yes we can say this is a city. Yes they have to be nominated. We are a small city in comparison to a Calgary or Toronto. I guess the bigger question is who would agree to let their name stand with such a title? I guess everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame regardless of how it makes you look. Again people don't look at the big picture as to what it does for the city or town or better yet it does for the family and their name it is fine that you want to be a jackass, but what about your parents or other siblings? That is like saying I am an idiot I am going to put on a glowing dunce cap, and ask everyone in the world to look at me. Regardless I guess everyone needs their fameless moment, here is hers!

Now this last note is kind of double edged. It says that Medicine Hat is bad enough to add 2 members of its police squad to a national squad for a drug task force. Like that is two fold. One it is saying that Medicine Hat is a drug infested city so we have a group of officers that are worthy enough to be added to the national squad. Now on the other hand it is a good thing that we are training our police force well enough to be good enough to be eligible for the squad. So this one is kind of a catch 22 post none the less it is a bigger crime that today's society has got that bad that we are needing national task forces to control anything. Now I will say the Provincial Government is just trying to make people feel safer by constructing these feel good type projects. I guess the proof will be in the stats whether or not it was a smart move or not. I guess you need to be the judge. Check out this article explaining how the task force is coming together.

Well I think I have spread enough doom and gloom for one day. Remember out there the grass may be greener on the other side of the fence, but how much bull shit did it need to create that green grass?

Until next time...
From The Big Ape