Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lest We Forget

As some may just view this as a nice break in the middle of the week. We must sit back and acknowledge our fallen that have given their lives to fight for our freedom. It used to be that it was our elderly that we looked to hear stories of war, now we can look to our siblings, our neighbours, and our children to hear of the atrocities that has been cast upon our military of today. We need to say a silent prayer for our fallen and the ones that are still out their laying their lives on the line to see that when we get up each and every morning to live in the land of free. Thank you to the thousands of troops both men and women that are protecting our freedoms! Keep up the great work, and may each and everyone of you return home safe to your loved ones! Also a silent prayer for those that have friends and family over their fighting for our freedoms. May you stay strong , and I hope your people that are important to you return home safely!

A pondering thought occurred after reading this next blog. The Blog of the day I might add. (the rant is about 3/4 the way down the page) The banning of cell phones. Now check out the link I just added. This person that has this blog thinks a lot out side of the box. It is true they say using hands free is fine in some states and provinces, but how long is it before they are going to ban cell use in the car altogether? Then when do they go to that point of what is next? Like the fellow blogger states talking to passengers,thinking, eating... Are you going to need a special license to transport passengers of any number? Along with that license you will get special training to tune out a passenger who talks to you. Quite frankly my wife does not need that course. I think she could probably teach it! They say we have selective hearing, well my wife is the queen of selective hearing I am sure..lol So when people get in your face about voting, and rallying for all these do gooder bills, just remember to think out side of the box, and see where these little gems could lead you to in the future with our Gov't that needs to think for us and legislate bills for own good of course! Just be careful what you wish for my Grandmother use to say, you might get more then you bargained for! Wise words..God Rest Her Sole...

Now this next story is labeled Wow you can do what ever you want as long as you put your mind to it, and as long as you are crazy enough! This young man in the video is incredible! It just goes to show you as long as you have no fear, and perseverance you can do anything! I will do a few things in my chair, but mostly mine has to do with speed. I cannot wait until I can move from my manual chair to my power chair. Then my wheelie bars are going to be put to good use. lol anyway check the young lad out he is scary awesome!

Now speaking about crazy. How crazy are you? How far will you go to get an adrenaline rush? Do you live to push the limits? Nothing scares you? Well you need to check this place out.

Now if this gets your motor running you are certifiable crazy!!!!!

Ok here is why old people should not drive. How do you explain this to your insurance company.

Ok well I have just about found as much entertainment I can to amuse you for one day. Not only that I have run out of things to keep my interest more then two minutes. Again take 2 minutes today and think of our fallen and the comrades that are defending us from the evil in the world to make our country a safer place to live, and have our freedoms we experience everyday!

From the Big Ape

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