Tuesday, November 4, 2008

If you're born again do you have two belly buttons?

Good day to men, women, and small farm animals. I thought it was about time to make another post to enlighten you once again with what is floating around in my big pumpkin. Some people might even find helpful if not entertaining information in. I think that our global warming summer is over now so we can move into late fall or early winter depending on what part of the planet you call home. They are forecasting some of that white stuff for this evening, and later on in the week. So if you don't hear from me for a few days I went out to take a pee, and froze my ape ass in the snow! lol Man winter has got to be the most depressing season out of the lot. It is pretty if you can sit in a nice warm enclosure and just look out side, and for some that is maybe what you think I do, but contrary to popular belief I do have to venture out on occasion, and that is when the old ape is not a happy camper. Snow is pretty to look at in pictures, but not so fun when you have to be out in it. So as you guessed I am not a skier or snow bunny that like skidooing or hiking in it.

Enough about me. I have a adventure that I want to share with all my readers. A good friend and colleague of mine (I use that last term loosely) as he is 10 fold better than I ever will be when it comes to media work. Kyle has just got back from a trip to Ethiopia. I think it would be cool to share an adventure that he spent nearly 2 weeks over there viewing how we Canadians are making a difference over there. Now if you live in the Medicine Hat area tune into Chat news casts either at 5:30pm or 6pm, and view all this week they will be running footage of Kyles adventure the first one aired last night. This will be a 5 part expose of the trip. It also airs at 11pm. Now if you have satellite I understand chat is there also, so surf your guide and check it out. It is interesting how every day people like Kyle and various people that you would meet at your local grocery store is making the trip on their own funds I might add to make a difference. It is amazing what we can do that to us is a pretty small gesture means the world to them over there. We really don't know how lucky we are until we watch something like this. I have put out the request to Kyle and his station to sell the DVD here on my site and various other places trying to create a fund to either do this again or maybe go some more some where else. Time will be the test on that one. Anyway check it out if you can. I know I have said in the past that Charity begins at home, and I still agree with that statement, but as I stated before these people used their own funds for this project. Good on them the big ape says with two opposing thumbs up!! LOL

So what's up with the gas prices? When does it appear that the provider of the product namely us in Alberta have to pay more then the folks in say Toronto? Now I know the goofs in suits are going to try and put a spin on this and say it is all about supply and demand. Well what ever the spin doctors come up with it is going to be crap. I heard last night that Ontario has been labeled one of the "have not provinces" well I am not sure what data you need to fall into a "have not province" label, but am sure there is places that are in rougher condition than Ontario. As I have said before and will say again. It is all about how the facts are skewed. I can say I am not fat, I am just short for my weight. So when there is an agenda to be had you can get what ever you want if you twist the information enough. I digressed though... can someone tell me why when I can open out my back window, and if the breeze is blowing the right way smell condensate (an oil by product). That goes to show we are pretty close to the product, and we are still paying 93 cents a freaking liter? Well I guess if you want to read more on this, check out this article.

Here is a good segway from above mentioned article to my point I am going to tell you about now. Science figures by 2011 we are going to be able to run cars on air and a bit of fuel or even salad oil. Now a car that runs mostly on air. Hmmmm that means I will never have to pay for fuel again, because I have got lots and it is hot so I should be able to go real fast then. (I figured I would say it before my readers emailed me with the comment! Grin) Now the down size to this is two fold. Have you seen these things? Check out the link they have a picture of it. It is butt ugly, not only that it is not much bigger then a roller skate on steroids! Thanks I'll wait until GMC brings out my hybrid pick-up thanks. I do pose one question though. What happened to our technowlogy of having fuel 100 miles to the gallon. You cannot tell me with todays information, and equipment we cannot have engines getting larger numbers then what we have now. Do I smell a conspericy with the oil companies? I think the hybrids are kinda the solution. There needs to be some tweaking of the system I am not sure they are spot on yet, but the growing pains are being worked out in a timely manor. In the USA fuel conservation seems to be an eaiser sell then up north. I guess our mentality is we make it we should be able to waste it. I think as time goes on Bio-fuels will be more of the norm then the exception. For now I think I am going to crank up the wheel chair and get a cup of coffee. Some people say my coffee is like drinking oil. My philsophy is there is no such thing as strong coffee just weak people. That also goes for mixed drinks.

Now I am going to switch gears (I kill me!!!), and would like to talk about these two individuals in two different situations died when being tasered in the last week. People are losing perspective on this situation! Poor Sam or Fred he died when he was acting like a jack ass so the local constablitory needed to rein him in, and god forbid they shoot him so they use a tool that is supposed to make you think twice of resisting. So you have a few wires that are crossed, and when zapped your main frame is not able to be rebooted and you become a door stop in the big place I like to call life. Now what are these law enforcement agents supposed to do if they cannot taser you? When you feel that you have the god given right to act like a jack ass then you have the right to be reined in like the floundering fish you are about to become. There is consequeses for your actions people!! Now for the record the last super star in the big picture called life was not actually tasered as one probe did not penetrate him. So he probably died of a drug over dose, or a fart gone cross wise who knows. My point is live by the sword die by the sword! Don't act like a jack ass when law enforcement is trying to question you, and I can pretty well assure you that you will not be tasered. They don't like using it any more then you like getting it. (well maybe a little bit. it would be nice just once if you had the opportunity to just zap one person that was pissing you off. your boss, your child???) You cannot imagine the paper work generated after an incident like this happens. So play nice with Mr. or Mrs policeperson next time, and you will not be laying on the ground wondering if you are ever going to pee normal again!

Now lets end this posting on a sweet note. Not only are we going to talk about donuts ah do-nuts... It is kind of lost in translation when you do it on paper. Hale to Homer!!! Anyway not only are you slightly amused when you read the pondering thoughts of the old ape, we are educational too! I am going to post the history of the donut. Now they talk about Crispy Cream donuts which for the record I have not tried yet. I have been told if I have a Crispy Cream I will never look at the average donut the same way. Is that like if you have had black you will never go back? Anyway I digressed I thought it was just one more useless fact that we can hang on to until we need to pull a Cliff Clavon or ever get challenged to a rousting game of Trivial Pursuit. I know I have just aged myself twice in this paragraph, but I am proud of the 80's and they are not going down with out a fight damn it!

Until next time while I go brush my teeth from all the talk of donuts.
Be kind to one another as a duck may be somebodys mother.

Cheers from the Big Ape... :-)

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