Monday, November 24, 2008

How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?

Hidy Ho friends,neighbours,fellow country people, and primates too. It has been a bit since I last posted. It has been a bit crazy around the cage lately. I have been catching up on a few projects that I have been wanting to clear off the stove before winter sets in. I recently did a road trip to Calgary. When I travel anymore further then the Doctors it seems it take alot out of me. I must admit that this trip to Calgary was 2.5 years in the making so I was not going to miss this even if they had to wheel me in on a gurney strapped to a donkey. I will let you know more of the out come as the news comes in. I must admit I do not expect much, but my counsel did a steller job. So win, lose, or draw I left nothing on the table. We all know how insurance companies work though if they can weasel out they try and generally do so. I hope for the best, but do not holding my breath. Anyway what is knew with you?

I came across this little video called college trick to end hunger. If you know how he did this please enlighten me in the leave a comment section. I thought this was pretty cool. I hope you find it as interesting as I did. Mind you it does not take very much to amuse me. Give me something shiny, and I will be amused for at least 5 minutes lol.

Now I realize that up here in Canada we are listed as a very conservative country. Some might even call us up tight. In some cases I think conservative is not a bad thing, but there is somethings we need to relax on. I came across a commercial the other day that I know will never make it in Canada, and with the up roar on gays and the life style you would probably never see this in North America. Take a look at this little gem and you will see what I mean. Make sure when you view this funny ad to check out some of the other ones on the right. I think you will agree with me that there is some funny commercials out there that we have nor will we ever see. That is too bad, because I think the world needs to relax a bit, laugh more and just learn to like each other more. Ok there is my warm and fuzzy moment for today. lol

Well this next item of interest is something that I have been saying for over 20 years. I laugh now I guess because I have been off the market of love for that long. The Mrs. and I have been together 20 years this January 5th. Wow time flies when you are having fun, and even when you are not. I must say the last 20 years have just flew by though. Mellody has definitely been my Mrs. Right. Check this piece I found on craigslist as to why Geeks and Nerds are a worth while prospect. Comment as to what you think, whether a geek or Nerd are worth while catches. Lets hear some stories good or bad on your finds.

Now I have always said that we can, and do produce some real decent talent here in Alberta, Canada and I will even say Medicine Hat. We have Terry Clarke, Kaylen Porter, Camel Toe, Nickle Back and list goes on. Now the problem with these bands and artists until they gravitate to larger centers like Vancouver, Toronto or the USA they do not really have a chance of making it big. Now this next talent called Alpha Galates better known as the Hollow when they played around the Hat. These guys are pretty good. I must admit they are not totally my genre of music that I listen to, but I am open to new stuff and their video Standing is pretty good. That is the thing people have to be open to new talent, and understand them for who they are. Too many people say well they don't sound like the AC DC's or the Nickle Backs of the world so they can't be any good. Well just because there is strength in numbers, and we have too many rednecks up here in western Canada so these folks had to head to Toronto to actually make a promising living. So give them a listen, and check out their my space page. If you like what they are producing do one better go buy some Cd's and pass them out for the festive season. They actually sound pretty good. I hope they make it to the status like the Bare Naked Ladies or Wide Mouth Mason. Hey they are from Medicine Hat they can't be all bad. lol Rock On....

The Sky is Falling, The Sky is falling.... Well if you were out side this past thursday, and lived in Western Canada you probably seen this little piece of history. A meteor they say found the earths orbit and came tumbling down. Now I will say that it must have been a pretty good sized rock as the glow lasted for about 3 or 4 seconds. The running joke when we were talking about it at supper on Friday that maybe it was that tool bag that was dropped on that space walk earlier in the week. None the less what ever it was that came down it is going to keep some geeky people busy looking for the landing spot if there is one for some time. So if you live in the area of Lloydminister to Irvine and maybe as far as Saskatoon with a large hole in your back 40 that you did not have before Thursday afternoon you may want to get a hold Norad or Nasa. Happy hunting...

Now it is time to turn the page into a bit more of a serious place of reading. When one hears about Mental Illness we all think about people snapping and going on a killing spree. I will say there is those type of stories, but for the most part Mental Illness is something that people have that goes untreated, because of the stigma from work collegues or family and friends treating them differently. Did you realize 1 in 5 people suffer at different levels of mental illness sometime through out their life. Depression, SAD to true phycosis is all part of mental illness. I can say that I have and do have a mental illness. I suffer from extreme depression. Now people that know me knew me before my affliction. A life changing situation could cause it as it did for me. Various reasons can cause mental illness, but the reason I am even talking about this subject is two fold I don't think Mental illness is talked about enough. Everybody wants to sweep this under the rug, it seems like the taboo illness to get. It is funny when talking to some one about sickness. If you mention that you have cancer or diabetis people are wanting to know if they can be of any help. If you mention that you were in hospital for depression it is almost like you have a contagious disease. Mental heath problems is just like cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. It is all treatable, and once it is under control one can go back to leading a normal life. People do not understand Mental illness so they assume alot. There is alot of myths out there too. If you or someone you love has a mental illness go here. I challenge people to educate themselves when it comes to something they don't know. Don't assume go get hard facts. Like I say to people if you had a heart attack you would get treatment. If you contracted cancer you would probably do as much reasearch as you could. Well Mental illness is no different. Now the reason I bring this all up is because this article I read. Mental illness needs more treatment in the community. That is the problem there is very little fail safes for mental illness once you leave the hospital. Now some people are very blessed with understanding family support to have a checks and balance system in place. Alot of times when one contracts the mental illness they push or scare the people around them away. So what about those people? Or lets talk about the people that just simply fall through the cracks of the system. Bottom line I know in my city our system is lacking to say the least. Part of the reason is lack of funding, lack of staff in conjunction to the lack of funds, and lastly the lack of education which again is do to lack of staff again. Whether it is volunteer or paid the staff is not there to take up the necessary role for people go from the safe confines of a hospital room to the big bad world head long. So I say next time you look at a person or better yet a group of people 1 in 5 are suffering with mental health issues.

Well last, but not least is the big story about where are we headed finanically? Some could use the term that I used earlier of The Sky is Falling! Well I am not sure what to make of it yet. It depends on who you talk to. Some say the country, and the world as we know it is in for a long resession. I think it is media driven to a point, and this is why. I feel we the people are the driving force in all of this mess. So when you hear consistently that the the country is in a resession we tend to hoard our money preparing for the worst. So with that happening it drives the economy even further down. Now I am not going to say that we should go out and spend like drunkin sailors, but I am saying to spend within your means, and enjoy your life to the fullest of your means. Now when I read this article that I am about to mention it makes me wonder is it greed or stupidity that makes people act like this. Now go check out the said article. Now after reading this I would tell this CEO go back and prove to me that you really deserve this bailout. I think if some these CEO's would turn back some of their $ and ask the staff to follow the same example maybe we would not be in the situation we are. i would like to ask you to look at the forigien car makers like Honda or Toyota you never see them asking for money for a bailout. Live within your means, run a tight ship the world would be better off for it. Comment what you think on this matter.

Well I think I have amused you enough for one day. Remember be kind to one another as a duck maybe someone's mother.

From the Big Ape

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