Thursday, November 27, 2008

News and Views

Well as the title reads we have a bit of news and I have some personal views when it comes to the news. A short posting as we know it. I may be back later today with more of my fun and frolic type stuff later on as I do more of my daily routine.

Well lets start with the news because we know once I get started on a rant I am done, and things kind of get left out in left field some where. I hav e started a new site called A Reflection Of Time. It is slow starting, but I encourage you to vist when I send out posting reminders. For two reasons you may find your photo up there. I am taking a lot more pics at functions now. If there is anything that you would like blown up to frame get a hold of me as that is the business side of the site. Check the site out again I must admit it is just in its infancy. Watch and grow as it grows. (and I get better in photography lol)

One may or may not know I lived in Brooks. When I reveal that little nugget of information people screw up their face if they have been past Brooks on the Trans Canada Hi-way and say how could you live with that smell? OMG it is nasty. Well I would like to say for the record now that I have been away for 10 or so years (man how time flies) I can ask that same question. Honestly though when you live there you really do not notice it as much. Now don't get me wrong if the wind was blowing just right on a summers day we smelt the sweet aroma of the feed lot. To be very honest I found the smell of the feed mill that was located in the East end of Brooks to be twice as nasty of a smell as the sweet fragrence of ODE to the Cow. Now before you guys bail on me thinking that I have totally flipped my lid and am just babbeling amously I am heading some where with this. Stay with me and climb aboard, and take a ride down memory lane. Some of you that read this can appreciate this more then others. Any way I digressed. Circa 1980 Darcy was transplaned into Brooks from a little hamelt called Duchess Not far from Brooks (google it if you are board sometime) Moving from Duchess I was a teen thinking I just had been catipulted into the likes of New York compared to Duchess. Before that I started my life in Gleichen. Now there is a happening little community!! (not) Anyway Brooks as I knew it was about 6000 or so people. Our idea of a big news story was who the mayor was going to have over for dinner this week. Now lets jump a head some 28 3/4 years (Man that sounds strange... I am really starting to think I am getting old. lol) If you picked up a news paper in Brooks today they are talking about their second murder in 3 months. It seems like at least once a month that some outside media source is talking trash about something in Brooks. In some ways that saddens me. That is my home town more or less you are bad mouthing buddy! I must face reality though the town that I grew up in is not the town or city (although I think that is a streach) is now. I still have some very good friends back there that I still go back and visit, heck my doctor is still in Brooks. The days of driving down the main street and waving at 3/4 of the traffic on the road is long since past. I hardly know anyone on the streets now. I was a home town kid, I worked in the Media I was known my many, and like by a few. (I did court reporting in Brooks for about 12 years let me say for the record I had a few people that were not real happy with me when they seen their name or one of their family members name in one of the papers or on the radio. lol I now you cannot see your name on the radio, but you get the hind) My motto was do the crime pay the time, and if that ment getting your 15 minutes of fame so be it. My point as some would ask is people have to understand that Brooks is not the quite little mayberry that we grew up knowing and loving. Now they have a very big drug community, gangs, and a general bad ass atmosphere. With that comes the same people that are as sweet as ever. They too admt with the influx of all people comes good and bad. It is sad to think that alot of the new commers come from places that crime is first had nature rather then second hand. One has to hope that the law enforcement that is employeed in town will do the job that they hired on for. Bust these bad asses, and send them back to where they come from. I will say that publicity like the murders are somewhat frustrating to hear about, but then again we have to understand this is not mayberry and I am not Opie and Miss B has long since passed. This is 2008 and we have to understand no matter where you live good and bad is going to happen. You can live in a community of 500 to a city of upwards of 1 million. People are people, and good and bad is going to happen no matter where you live. We just cannot get hung up on the bad, and recognize what is happening in our cities and towns for the good. Local community group raises 1.5 million for new arena, or community group domates coats for the under privledged. Every twon and city has that going on, now lets change our reference point from the bad and look at the world though a lighter shade of glasses. Instead of rose colored (as I don't think burying you head is good either) maybe a nice shade of pink!

This leads me to my next point. I am beginning to think that the bad news stuff seems to just follow me. You would have had to just crawled out from under a rock to not be smacked in the face with the recent trial that has been happening in Calgary that is being broadcast world wide, that reflects the triple murder in Medicine Hat. Now first and foremost I must say in some ways I am glad it is happening in Calgary rather than Medicine Hat, because the media circus has moved to Calgary rather then focusing it in the city that that terrible day happened. No matter where you lived that twisted tale that happened that night is just humanity gone wrong. Now I would like to go on the record and say. I think the young lady that was sentenced before this clown got away scott free. What a slap in the face 10 years. Wooped dee do! Everyone says she has to live with her actions. That makes her out to be a victim! HELLO she was the puppet master, and he was the poor sap that was her puppet. Now I think that he does not deserve to breath personally! He shoud have been exterminated long ago. Unfortunitly in our mamby pamby society that will never happen. We will sentence him at best to 25 years, and we as tax payers will have to be held hostiage by these two because they are going to be products of the system ever after.

Well I guess it is time to go face the day. Try and find some good news today. I know I plan to!

Remember opinions are just like certain parts of the anatomy every one has one just some are bigger then others.

From the Big Ape

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