Sunday, November 2, 2008

Why are there 5 syllables in the word monosyllabic?

Hidy ho to friends, neighbours and small children. I hope that everyone got through Hallows eve relatively unscathed? May you got the booty you were looking for whether it was sweet nor savory your sweet tooth was satisfied or your itch got scratched. You found what you were looking for on the eve of ghouls and sugar rushes. It was a quite one here at the Kepke lair. We only had 11 kids this year, and the Mrs and I are getting too old to dress up anymore for what ever reason it may be. lol I am not sure if it is a case of the world is just getting too scary, and parents are not wanting to take the risk with their dear little off spring, or the idea of Halloween is just fading away like the dinosaurs. Either way it was an uneventful evening in our little world we call home. I must be getting old as the uneventful evenings are a good thing these days. lol

Well just as we put one scary event in the books for another year we come into a hole other event that is super scary with no costumes needed! What is that you ask? The Presidential elections are finally coming to a close November 4th. Now depending on what you think of these clowns (no pun intended here lol) will depend on how happy you will be on November 5th. A friend of mine sent me this, and I found it pretty interesting thanks Bill. Now who is behind this and why are they doing it?
Who is behind the site?
Just three guys from Iceland. The site is independent from all political
parties, companies or hidden agendas. It's just an idea a 22 year old
guy in Iceland came up with and executed with a little help from a
couple of friends.
Why are you doing this?
Just out of curiosity. The president of the United States is a powerful
man, probably the most powerful person on the planet. So everyone seems
to have an opinion on who should be the next president of the United
States. We thought it would be interesting to see who would be the next president
if the whole world could vote. It's also a challenge to try to beat the
number of voters in the last US elections. So spread the news.
Vote and then check out the results.

Now something that you may or may not know is one of my pet projects. That would be advocating for the special needs, and everything that will help them. Well I came across this site the other day, and just had to give this young guy some exposure. Now by the time I found this he had already been through my city, but you may be so fortunate to see him in yours before he is all wrapped up on the 31st of December.
Jonathan Howard is running across Canada to raise awareness for Autism Awareness. Now I am not sure what his motivation behind this is. Does he maybe have Autism, or have a family member that does, I am not sure. None the less awareness to this affliction along with various other areas of special needs, needs to be put to the forefront in society today. God speed to this young man, and may he be able make this journey safe and sound with as little discomfort as possible. Check the cause and Jonathan out.

Now lets close this posting off with the fact my fare city is kind of suffering from bad press syndrome. Now some might say that any press is good press if you are being noticed. Well maybe if you are an up coming presidential candidate, and looking for votes maybe. In this case I am not so sure this is or should be the case. What made news for Medicine Hat this week?
12 year old girl returns to court to ask for leniency in her sentence. As you all probably remember, and we would soon like to forget. The horrible day when it was announced that two adults and a small child were found brutally murdered in their home in a quite neighbourhood in Medicine Hat. Now after the huge media circus that it created back in 2006 it still shows up to haunt us in a couple of ways. The co-accused in this mess still waits his fate. His trial gets under way November 17th. One of the accessories to the fact still has not been sentenced yet. Then to add just a bit more bitter icing to this mess the 12 year old that remains nameless because she is a minor has the gall to ask to see if the courts will loosen the restraints on her so she has more freedoms in sentence. Before I go off on a huge tangent regarding this I will say this and leave it at that, and then let you read the story that further give Medicine Hat their black star. I think 10 years 6 of those being what they call closed custody or locked down to a pretty restrictive location, and then 4 years being supervised within the community is a gift in its self. Personally I don't think this little girl should see the light of day for anything less then 25 years. Personally I think that is being too generous, but as it is I think she will be a product of the system whether it be through counseling or on the government dole. There is going to be hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on this girl all for the fateful act back in 2006 that took her family and destroyed it for what we know it as. Here is the link that talks about this story.

Now continuing down that path of blackness yet another member past I will admit is charged with murder. The sadness I feel is for the children left behind, and also the families be left to nurse the media pummeling they will get. His family being from here in Medicine Hat and her's in Edmonton are left to be drug through the media mirth that will follow this story in the upcoming weeks. Here is the story that got my attention.

Now this next story is kind of humorous in all, but again a black cloud is cast over our fare city. Medicine Hat woman named as one of Canada's worst drivers. Now personally I think she is one of many in this city. I will say since this show has been airing this is the second person from Medicine Hat. Now yes we can say this is a city. Yes they have to be nominated. We are a small city in comparison to a Calgary or Toronto. I guess the bigger question is who would agree to let their name stand with such a title? I guess everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame regardless of how it makes you look. Again people don't look at the big picture as to what it does for the city or town or better yet it does for the family and their name it is fine that you want to be a jackass, but what about your parents or other siblings? That is like saying I am an idiot I am going to put on a glowing dunce cap, and ask everyone in the world to look at me. Regardless I guess everyone needs their fameless moment, here is hers!

Now this last note is kind of double edged. It says that Medicine Hat is bad enough to add 2 members of its police squad to a national squad for a drug task force. Like that is two fold. One it is saying that Medicine Hat is a drug infested city so we have a group of officers that are worthy enough to be added to the national squad. Now on the other hand it is a good thing that we are training our police force well enough to be good enough to be eligible for the squad. So this one is kind of a catch 22 post none the less it is a bigger crime that today's society has got that bad that we are needing national task forces to control anything. Now I will say the Provincial Government is just trying to make people feel safer by constructing these feel good type projects. I guess the proof will be in the stats whether or not it was a smart move or not. I guess you need to be the judge. Check out this article explaining how the task force is coming together.

Well I think I have spread enough doom and gloom for one day. Remember out there the grass may be greener on the other side of the fence, but how much bull shit did it need to create that green grass?

Until next time...
From The Big Ape

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