Thursday, August 6, 2009

Holy Kirpan Batman...

Holy Kirpan batman what is all the fuss? Respect diversity, accept the kirpan! Now as the title asks what is all the fuss, I will tell you what all the fuss is all about. What is a Kirpan? A ceremonial four-inch curved dagger that Sikh men and women are obliged to wear at all times after being baptized. Now as the earlier title of the enclosed story relates to we need to respect diversity, and except the Kirpan under religious ideals. How do you figure? If the Kirpan was a statue or a figure of something then I would say yes then we need to except based as a religious piece. Now that this is a weapon (being a 4" curved dagger) it is just that...a weapon! We do not have to except it. Now before all the do gooders stand up and say we as Canadians have a double standard then, because we allow the Christian's to wear a crucifix around their neck. Based on that the Sikh's should be allowed to wear the Kirpan because it is a religious symbol. Well that is where I say stop the bus my polite little turban friend. If your religious symbols cannot be used as a personal weapon knock yourself out, and wear what you like. Because your religious symbol could be used to kill a person. Sorry for your luck, but it has just run out! By the way I have never heard of a crucifix being pulled out to harm someone. I have heard of a knife or in your case dagger pulled to kill people.

Now I am all for diversity. What you do behind closed doors, religious or other wise as long as it does not break our Canadian laws of the land I feel you should be able to do. So in the case of this enclosed article they had this concert in their mosque all is fine and well. Now, when you start breaking Canadian Laws, or set up rules to protect our fellow country men that is when you need to step back and say where do I want to be? If you want to be in your home land, and follow the rules of your country. May I be the first to say good bye, and head home my foreign little friend. NOW...if you want to come to Canada, and enjoy our freedoms for what they are. I will be the first to welcome you. Now with that being said I do feel that your new found freedoms comes with some new found responsibilities. You need to learn our language. You need to understand, and obey our justice system. Now for your new found freedoms which I understand is leaps and bounds better then your country, or you would not be trying to get over here. I don't think that is too much to ask!

So next time you cry to our Canadian public that we are being unfair, and expect the Canadian people to be sympathize with you. Ask yourself a couple of questions. Does my request go against their justice system? Is my request something that is socially acceptable in my new home? If you answer no to either one of these questions, then you have a choice to make. Continue with my belief or rule, I need to practice in my homeland. Drop the belief and be welcomed to my new home. Our forefathers have fought very hard to have the rights we have today! Why should we give them up over night just to be socially acceptable?

Until next time remember...Opinions are like certain parts of the anatomy. Everyone has one, just some are bigger then others!

From the Big Ape

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Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree, my friend!! Let's look back to the 1900's when the first immigrants came to Canada. They were fully prepared to leave their country behind forever, with full understanding that they had to live OUR way, learn OUR language, live according to OUR government, and of course, OUR LAWS!!