Sunday, August 9, 2009

How Far Do We Take Reality?

Ontario man accused of string of cruel online pranks. This is the headline that I will start off this piece off with. Now I have said many times I am really amazed how much reality television has taken over the air waves of late. Now I am not totally innocent of this peek into each others lives. I enjoy such shows as; The Contender, UFC ultimate fighter, Fight Girls. I have been known to watch the occasional show of wipeout or cops. My wife is a big fan of Dog The Bounty hunter! Now with that being said shows like Big Brother, Celebrity Rehab, Obsession etc are pushing the envelope I think a bit too far. Now Shows like the Cleaner that is done as a docu-drama where it is done with actors, and it is portrayed rather real to life is in my opinion all right. Why do we have to feel it is of interest to view into other peoples drama. My personal opinion to this is if we watch other peoples drama it takes the light off our own problems. Not only that we watch some one elses hardships. It makes our stuff not so messed up after all. As the saying goes no matter how messed up our own lives are, there is someone else out there that is messed up even more. Like I all ways say never judge a man, until you have walked a mile in his shoes.

Now there is two sides to this reality TV if we as people did not watch this stuff the shows would not stay on the air. Unfortunately reality tv is one of the most acceptable and watched programing because it makes people feel better about themselves. You tune in every week, and think wow maybe my stuff is not so bad after all! Have you watched an episode of Cops lately? Lol So with that being said one has to ask how stupid or naive can people be? Now as the for-mentioned article states to show how we as a society do things regardless how stupid as they are just because we feel it is coming from people with authority. People REALLY breaking up a hotel room because there is a supposed gas leak. Come on did you fall off the turnip truck last night? Think about what you are doing! Peeing on each other in public while being naked in a parking lot, COME ON!!! Can we not think for ourselves? That is once again why nobody wants to take responsibility for ones actions. We just do what we are told. No matter how stupid and messed up it is.

Now you have to credit the group (the smoking gun) who outed these assclowns. I just hope this is not going to be swept under the carpet. As they say there is really nothing wrong here as there is no laws being broken. These guys did not do anything wrong. There is no law for being stupid, because if that was the case our jails would be sealed to capacity because there is a lot of stupid people out there. I think people just need to step back and think before they do something. Lets be accountable for your own actions! Now with that being said I think these guys that found these naive people should be shot with a ball of their own shit! Come one people even though people are stupid don't exploit the fact!

Now with that being said I think I am going to go make a call, and see if I. P Freely is there?

Until next time...remember as P.T. Barnum said there is a sucker born every minute!

From The Big Ape

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