Thursday, March 5, 2009

Taking Ownership For Your Mistakes!

Here I sit this morning reading my paper over my morning cereal, and I am left wondering what we in society have to look forward to? Is this is the direction that our system is going?
Treatment, not jail, for Manitoba bus beheader; victim's family angry . Then I went a bit further and read this one; Dagenais says he shot back 'as a matter of survival' , then lastly Mountie denies 'cooking up' story after Taser death

No one is willing to say "ME Bad! , and I screwed up. Now lets take ownership accept what the punishment is and move on. In some cases it might be; lose public opinion in some cases with the Government, or in the case of taking shots at RCMP officers well that kind of speaks for its self. Just for the sake of argument OK take a shot and hit one officer by mistake, but take a shot, then another , then one more and say;" oh I was not sure where I was shooting"....I call BULLSHIT He knew exactly where he was shooting, and he did exactly what he wanted to do. Now he needs to be a man and own up to what he did, and take his lumps accordingly.

No one can take ownership for their actions! Now when they get to court they will cry they were abused, or came from a bad place, we had this or that happen to them to make them this way. HELLO what happened to you know I screwed up got caught in the heat of the moment. I am an idiot, and deserve to go to jail for the rest of my life or at least be punished for my actions. That is called consequences. Is that not what we teach our kids? Not in this country...If you are a bad cop they will say bad boy! Move him, or maybe make him push paper, if at the very worst fire his ass because he was an aggressive ego maniac that did not deserve to be on the force in the first place! Well if you are Mr. Li he will sit in the nut cracker suite, and if WE are lucky he won't get out again. Contrary to popular belief he will probably pull the wool over the Dr's eyes and be out within 10 or so years even though he is just as crazy as the shit house rat that he was before he went into club med. The assclown in Saskatchewan will just claim he was an abused Metis from past law enforcement, and chances are he will get a soft slap on the hand and sent off to club fed to take a time out. If the system does not fail us,and he actually does get to go away. It will only be away for 25 years which is a joke in its self. How does that constitute someones life? He gets to go home to some family. That is better then the 2 officers get that he put in the ground. WAKE UP PEOPLE WE NEED CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!!!! Take a life... get exterminated! Lets start cleaning out the gene pool before these bad eggs start to pollute the whole thing.

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