Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who is The Media?

As I sit back and watch the troubles in Egypt, and various other problems throughout the world I wonder out loud who really is the media in all these worldly up risings? You have Skype, You tube, and various other left wing media types then you have the normal media type of CNN, CBS, ABC then you have the extreme right with MSNBC or Fox news. Then one has the guy on the street corner taking video with his camera phone they call that viral video which usually finds a home on You- Tube at some point.

Then we have the issue of print media and the picture game with the paparazzi. I ask who or what has fair right to this mess. Again I ask what is really media? When we buy a newspaper is that the only media that that we should follow? Then there is the TV news I will give you an experiment. Take an issue that would be seen either right across the world or in our case right across Canada. Now watch the different news rooms as they report the same story. So unless you are right there at the event what is right? who do we believe, because you are going to get a different spin on the same story. My results is view the pictures the best you can as pictures speak 1000 words. filter trough what the reporter says, and at the end of the cast you might have a pretty good cast. Like I say pictures speak 1000 words.

Now we have our public funded projects in the USA it is called Public Broadcasting System or if it is radio it is NPR. In Canada we have CBC Radio and TV. Believe it or not the CBC is a bigger albatross around our neck then PBS or NPR will ever be. In th
e USA people run the stations. In Canada the Governments run the stations. So when we have the provincial and Federal Governments attached to anything all you hear is a huge sucking sound!

Well I think that the USA model is better run as it is still a public support, but the governments are not pouring 100, 000 thousand here and there and every where for a make work project for some government son or daughter to try and get their 15 minutes of fame.

Call me old school, but I like the reporter that you watched at 6pm that had some creditability almost rock star status if you ever run across him in your town because your town was being featured on the 6pm news because you did something special. Not like today where every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a 12mp camera phone with a direct link to You Tube or some other viral site that will give you your 15 minutes of fame because don't kid yourself the big wonders of the world are Jonesing for their next story.

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