Sunday, February 15, 2009

Do We Have The Right To Die?

I watched a news program last evening that touched on a very hot button issue in Canada. Who has the right to die? Suicide is a real hot button issue with the religious crowd. They say you do not have the right to die, only God controls that right. He makes us he takes us. If we force his hand we will burn in hell for doing so. HEY, don't shoot the messenger I just am repeating what has been told to me! There is a society in Canada called the Right To Die Society. A group of people have created a non profit society to lobby government to change the laws to allow euthanasia and assisted suicide. Now there is all sorts of questions that pop up as to who should be allowed, if they did legalize this act,who should perform the act,who should the act be performed on? These are just a few points that come flying to the forefront of this very volatile subject.

Some ask where I sit on this subject. Well it is not a black and white issue with me. If I totally excepted Christianity it would be a hands down concept. We do not have the right to take our life or help one take there own life. I guess this is one of the few subjects I really struggle with, and this really makes me question my devotion. As I do see some issues that this could be applied to, and be alright in my books. Would I or could I do something like this? Well again depending on the situation Yes I could be found in that situation, and do it. Could I do it for myself? You bet!!! I want to die with dignity! There is times now that I really question whether taking an extended nap would not be a better choice. It is all about emotion verses logic. If you are in the right frame of mind logic says it is not right for some people to help someone or for a person to take their own life. Then you mix emotion in and it gets really messy. there is a question of dignity. What is an exceptable quality of life?

If I contract an illness where it is proven there is no doubt that I would not survive any modern medical intervention, yes I would be inclined to choose the day that I leave this world. As I said earlier I want to die with dignity. Is it really any different than a woman choosing the day she wants her child to be born? Lots of kids are being brought in by C section. Why can we not choose our death date? Now I agree if it is physios that is the reason for this decision it is not the answer. I believe that it should be medical regulated. There should be a professional from the physc department, and two doctors to have the act completed. This is not a decision that can be made just over a few days. Then again you cannot drag it out to the point you can't make the decision yourself.

Having a personal directive is the step in the right direction. Why can it not be a form that is attached to the personal directive paper work. I also think that it should be a given that any donations that can be made from your body should be mandatory. Kind of a give and take if you will.

I am going to share a couple of stories to further murky the water. My mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She was given 9 to 12 months to live. Now during that 12 months they can make you comfortable, but you slowly dwindle away to nothing while the disease ravages your body. As it did with my Mother. Now tell me that when you watch someone you love dwindle and suffer to nothing you would not believe in euthanasia.
Now the other twist to the subject is when a baby is born, and it has profound issues. To what means do we as adults and professionals keep this baby alive? Not to mention what this child will feel while it grows if it is able to feel. The stress it puts on the parents or the medical system is incredible.

I really think there is two sides to every coin, and in this case that coin I think is constantly spinning. Which ever side you sit on this subject it is not a easy choice. In my case I think each situation requires careful thinking. At the end of the day what feels right will happen. Sometimes you have to have courage for your convictions.

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