Thursday, February 19, 2009

Can You Hear Me Now?

Now I hear from media reports again that there was an accident in Calgary yesterday between a pedestrian, and their light rail train. Now the person succumbed to their injuries this morning. Now the kicker to this is they are investigating the fact maybe the person in question may have had ear buds in, and did not hear the train that hit them. Well I must admit I do feel for the family that lost the loved one, but you do have to wonder what that person was thinking, or how loud was that Ipod that you could not hear a 70 ton train with it's horn blaring rumble down the tracks. As I have talked about in a recent post this is where common sense applies. You should not zone out to the point that you lose yourself in society when you need to be an active participant. We all know common sense died a slow death So everything has to be taught to you in today's society. Now when I was a young primate; dumb, young, and full of banana's I used to listen to music 3 octaves below oh my god make your ears bleed. My mother used to tell me I made her liver jump every time she passed by my cage. Both parents used to preach to me; "you know you are going to need hearing aids when your older, because you listen to that music way too loud!" That was not bad enough I used to work in the libation industry, and it was not uncommon at all to come home after spending 8 or 10 hours at work, and be in the house in the peace and quite for over a hour, and still have my ears ringing (and sadly nobody was up stairs to answer). When I heard the commercial in the USA for the cell phone company when the guy wanders all over asking; "can you hear me now?" I nearly fell off my rope swing! I don't think it is because of reception issues. I think it is because of the younger generation is going deaf! Now I am going to sound like the grey hair society; "I remember when..."

Now I think music is all about quality not quantity, now the sad part of it is. I now need the quantity too because I am deaf as a stump or as I say; "no dear I am not deaf. I just have selective hearing!" I just choose to tune you out most of the time! THEN THE FIGHT BEGINS!!! LMAO

In all seriousness I see this being a very slippery slope where it should be a case of common sense should prevail. As Jeff Foxworthy calls it; "The Redneck Factor, what does not kill you makes you stronger!" As sad as it is maybe this is a way of society cleaning out the gene pool. What scares me if the government gets involved and try's to legislate us into having common sense. I ask WHY is it that if we as society is not smart enough to look after each other the government thinks it needs to write a new law to make us clue in. Now lets start with the enforcement agencies already have enough to do! Trying to keep up with the laws that are on the books. Not to mention the other point is what is going to be considered too loud? How are we going to check? Like I was talking about selective hearing. I think that is a prerequisite of the little hormone receptacles of today. Now with their baggy ass jeans, and hats turned sideways like they should be riding the short bus. (Just to set the record straight I hold no malice against the special needs of North America!)their Ipod or what other communicative tool of that week that they just have to have or they will die!! The screams of soul sucking tunes wafting out of the ear buds creating sounds like a barrel of monkeys having an orgy in that blank space they call a head. I know that statement makes me sound like a geriatric angel, but I just don't get the younger generations music, but that is for another posting. The bottom line is stand up and make it be known that you as Joe Public will not stand for the Government trying to act in our best interest to legislate common sense. Tell them to leave the idea of Banning Ear Bud For Public Use alone!!!

It is a tough world out there Sparky! So you have to stand up, and think for yourself! You need to realize common sense is important, don't do things that are going to kill you before your number is called!

Until next time....When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the other passengers in his car.

Cheers from The Big Ape :-)

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