Wednesday, February 18, 2009


What is the first thing you learn when you get in the real estate game. Location is everything. Now why do you ask why I am pondering that thought. No I am not going to become a real estate agent, especially in these turbulent times. Alas location is not only important in buying and selling property. It is also important when you commit crime too! Yep your eyes are not playing tricks on you! Depending on what side of the 49th parallel you live on, and I am going to go even one step further as to what province you live in, it will depend on what your sentence is going to be. Now call me foolish, but if you commit the same crime in Gander Newfoundland or Victoria BC your sentence should be the same. Call me crazy to expect something like that, but in my book you do the crime you do the time, regardless where you are. Now I now know that when it comes to our big brothers to the south, crime is crime down there. For the most part you screw up down there you are going to get what coming to you. It is unfortunate that some of the Northern States are starting to adopt some of our mamby pamby laws to water down the system. A state that I can really support is Texas. They are a no nonsense state. Some people want to abolish the death penalty. They are putting in an express lane to speed up the process! Now that is my kinda state!!!!!!! One Sheriff/Warden down there says there will not be any over crowding in prison he made a tent city on the grounds, and houses them outside. Hey they are not there to sing camp fire songs, and have a pajama party. These people are there to think about what they have done, and be reminded what they done was wrong. Society does not approve what you did, and if you are a little bit uncomfortable during your stay; suck it up buttercup, and put your big boy pants on as this is the big leagues! A time out if you will. Now I know you can say it is a revolving door. You are right it is, but there is many social economic factors that plays into that whole equation. What really got my goat on this whole subject is two stories I have heard about in the last week.

Story one...A friend of mine has a Methadone Clinic in Calgary. Now this Clinic is no different then any other doctors office, other than these people have addiction problems. Now addiction is no different than cancer,heart disease you get the picture. Anyway they had been at one location for some time public pressure from area neighbors put enough public pressure on the land lord when the clinic's lease came up they got a road map and an apple, and was sent packing. Now they seem to have the same problem moving every two or three years. Now you say just buy a building, and be done with it. Well that is not so easy either for a couple of reasons 1. this is a business that runs a very tight budget as these people are addicts they do not have a lot of money. The clinic is not government sponsored! So we all say that these type of agencies are imperative until it comes time for them to set up shop in your neighbourhood, then it is a public hell of a blue because these people are addicts, and will lower my property values if they are seen in our neighbourhoods. 2. City regulations on owning is a touchy subject too. I call BULLSHIT!!!!! people you cannot have it both ways... do you want our social issues looked after? Then give them the room to do their job! There I feel better! I wish the clinic the best of luck! Bill is the most down to earth, and nicest man you will ever meet. He would give you his last sandwich or shirt off his back if he knew you needed it more then he did. People like him just do not come around everyday!

Story two...A guy in London Ontario was sentenced to two years in jail for a home invasion robbery. He was sentenced to robbing a man that was wheel chair bound of his medical marijuana, and what ever else he decided was shiny enough to claim as his own. Well all I can say to this guy is he is lucky that I am not his jailer. The only people that are lower then this pond scum is people that mess with kids or steal from church's or old people. Whether I believe in the medical marijuana situation is for another posting, but you are basically stealing the guys meds. Not to mention the trauma that it has caused him, and his family when the whole situation went down.Two years would have just been a warm up. Add another 8 or 10 to it, and then I think we are getting close to teaching someone a lesson, and a fair time out!

Then again opinions are like certain parts of the body. We each have one, just some are bigger than others.

Until next time..... Remember girls are like phones. They love to be held, talked to, but if you press the wrong button you'll be disconnected!

From the Big Ape

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Kez Creates said...

It can be a pretty fine line to walk. My brother lives in Calgary and lived on the bottom level of an apartment building. An alcohol treatment center that also acted as an over-night shelter went up across the street. I was at his place when a man was literally crawling around under my brother's balcony, completely drunk out of his mind, trying to find his way to the clinic. We tried to point him in the right direction but he passed out under my brother's car! We had to phone 911 and they dealt with him. I was visiting with my 1 year old son and the activities around the area changed a lot when that clinic went up. So it's like a touch and go kind of thing. The clinics and shelters are helping people, but there is concern for neighbours over what kind of people will be coming into the area. Saying that though, your fancy pants neighbour with the cool Jag out front could be a drug dealer with nasty pals so you can't really judge a clinic in that respect eh?