Saturday, February 28, 2009

One Week...What could you do?

A movie has hit the screens with an interesting plot. One Week is a movie with a social conciseness. What would you do if you were told that you had only one week to live? Some would curl up in the corner, and give up. Some might go on a party that never ended until the end. My wife is a deep thinker so I have not got an answer back when I posed the question. My response was of course what ever I did I would want her to be with me. She thought that was pretty sweet. (you know sucking up is a good thing when you are about to die lol) I think it would kick me out of a rut that I have kind of slipped in. The biggest thing is he who says money does not rule the world has never been short of money. Now for that week if I could do it, I would do the same concept as the movie in question. Now I will say that I have not seen the movie yet, but I heard the concept explained by the lead teen heart throb that has turned 30 something. Well I am just a crusty old ape so the hansom heart throb part of the movie has go lost with me, but the concept of the hit is a home run.

So I guess the next question is keeping in mind that you are probably sick or you would not be dieing right. What could you do in a week? As the time went on the sicker you would get. Like I said depending on the amount of money you had the time you had could be made comfortable in a big bus flying down the road. Lets be more creative though. Anybody could do that right! A motorcycle or convertible is more exciting.

What would you see? Every rocking bar between Toronto and Vancouver? Every nudy bar between Halifax and Victoria? You would not have time to see all the wonders between the two coasts, but there is some pretty major points of interests right off of the highway. The large nickle just outside of Thunder Bay. Lets not forget the big goose in Manitoba. I am sure there is many points of interest that comes to mind that was your favorite. The point to all this is one thing though. Why wait to find out that you are dieing to do something like this. I heard from a guy from some far away country you people from North America have got things messed up. I questioned the statement. He said in my country (and for the life of me I cannot remember he was from) we work enough to live. You guys live to work. People are too stressed here. The more I thought about that on my break he was right.

I wrote a post sometime ago relating to a bucket list. The whole premise around that is make a list of all the things and places you want to do or go to before you kick the bucket. I find it interesting that in today's society we are seeing more shows and concepts about people's lives, and what they are doing before they die. There seems to be one or two a year the golden reels kick out. Is it a question that some of these guys are producing projects so they can live to see their own lives on the big screen discreetly?

Either way it is a thought provoking 2 hours. So ponder if you like, but at the end of the day it is an interesting distraction in life's many questions. What if...?

Until next time...remember today is the last day of some of your life.

From the Big Ape

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