Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What is News to You?

On today's super hiway of technology we get information from all over the place. People telling their story. People reporting on different subjects, but the big question is what is really news to you? A lot of the news networks have a computer component to them also. We can read news from soldiers first hand what is happening on the war on terrorism. It does not get any more real then that. That is first hand news at its finest. Now what got me thinking about this piece as Miss California deals with a photo that was posted on the net. Now personally I don't think that the photo is that risky, but then again it takes a lot to get me to flinch. With my experience of working in the media I have learned to tell no one or show no one anything that you do not want to be posted for someone's enjoyment, and believe me when I say one person's enjoyment is someone elses drama.

So I pose the question to you as readers where do you get your news? What do you consider news? Are you like some; believe 1/2 what you read, and 3/4 what you see?

Here is some of my sources:
Google News

AOL News

So here is a few of my sources I use when I try and stay informed. I would be interested who you get your news from on line. Well I know this was a short post, but I just had a few minutes, and thought I would post what I was thinking. See that is why it was a short post. I don't think too long or my brain starts to hurt.

Until next time remember everyone has photographic memory; some just don't have the film.

From The Big Ape :-)

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