Friday, May 29, 2009

Does Needing a Passport Stop You From Traveling To The USA?

Well as of June 1st our big brothers to the south are requiring us to have a passport to cross their border. What do you think of that? Since September 11th has the security measures been over kill? Do you really think that having a passport to cross the border going to make it any safer? Something that maybe not everyone has been made aware of is on two occasions here in my home town of Medicine Hat certain people had their documents go missing while they waited to receive there passports. Now you ask how does the government lose such important papers? Now believe this or not the government does not value your documents any more then to toss them in the mail, and hope for the best. I do have to say they are using priority post, but non the less documents as important as a passport should be moved by a more secure means then Canada Post. Why would they not use their inter-government mail transfer system? I assure you if it was their pay check it would be a local reputable courier service being used!

In the days of security breaches since 9-11 we should be more cognizant of what is happening to us regarding our countries security. I wonder out loud how much we should be worried, or is it the good old USA are just belt and suspenders type people? We all know that Canada seems to be the safe haven for every low life that wants to do wrong. Lets go to Canada they will take us. When the time is right we will slip into the states and do our dastardly deeds, and slip back home no one being the wiser.

A lot of people have a notion that Canadians are peace loving conservatives. We live in a frozen tundra that only Eskimos and sled dogs along with fugitives want to inhabit. Actually that is probably as far from the truth as what people actually believe. Yes we do have some nasty winters. Yes we do have some simple people here. Really if the truth be known other then the fact we are not as in your face as our American cousins we are not really that different. I will say the USA has a lot more money invested in technology, but there again they have the tax population to fund such projects.

Non the less I really believe that the border crossing procedures are a bit strict. We Canadians enjoyed slipping across the border to catch some great deals from our trading partners to the south. Maybe at the end of the day in these times of belt tightening they might make it so tight they strangle themselves to death. As it is it is very apparent that there is a lot of people will no longer be taking those side trips, because they do not have a passport. One has to factor in now if you are having to pay any where between $80 to upwards $200 for processing for a passport is it such cheap shopping anymore? If you need to factor in that added expense you are likely going to pay the same price here at home. The big box stores in the
USA seem to have the same idea, because now they are slowly starting to trickle up here, and open their doors because they can see the added value of our Canadian dollars. For now I think I will save my travel dollars invest it in Shipping and handling and shop on line where I do not need a passport. At least not yet anyway!....grin

Until next time remember; “To sell something, tell a woman it's a bargain; tell a man it's deductible”

Earl Wilson

From The Big Ape

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