Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is Laughter The Best Medicine?

If you ask Patch Adams of the Gesundatheit Institute he would agree. That is what his whole institute is built on. If we laugh and see happiness in our life we will heal better from life's illness's or just feel better in general. Just remember back to the last time you were feeling ill and happened to crawl into bed and flip on the TV or pop in a movie, and you became so engrossed that you forgot how ill you really were. If you have never done this try it next time you are feeling under the weather. Pop in a comedy in your DVD player or watch your favorite sitcom you might be amazed how much better you feel at least for the short term anyway. Actually what got me thinking about this is an article I read last week (sorry I can not find it now) on the subject of doctors offices not allowing their nurses to have comedy TV on in their waiting rooms, as it was starting to effect how the patients were feeling when they actually got in to see the doctor. Maybe if we did not have so long to wait we would not have time to watch enough TV to make us feel better. It must be an United States thing as I do not know too many doctor's offices that are hooking up televisions in their waiting rooms. Although it might be just a matter of time as my dentist actually has TV and videos in the ceiling to distract you while he works on your teeth. My local lab that I attend to get my blood work done at also has TV in their waiting rooms. Generally it is turned to the current talk show of the hour or Judge Judy. It is nothing that would enlighten me enough to make me feel better enough to forget what is happening to me physically. Even those that are depressed benefit from a good belly laugh or two. If you have ever seen the movie Patch Adams you will understand more. If you have never seen this movie it is an oldy, but a goody according to the old ape anyway. Who can resist watching a movie with Robin Williams in it? It is on my top 10 watch again movies list. I really believe we need more Patch Adam's in the world. Well on that note I better wander back to the jungle and get some work done. No that was not a joke....Honest I do some work once and a while! Hey I see you breaking out in laughter. Well at least made you smile!

Until next time remember lifes tough, get a helmet!

From the Big Ape

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suZen said...

Laughter IS the best medicine! And you're right about needing more Patch Adams' in the world! I find something to laugh about daily, altho its usually MYSELF I'm laughin' at - and people think I'm nuts cuz I'm always laughing and happy, like there is something WRONG with me!