Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How Distracted Are You?

I read this article police target distracted drivers. Now I do agree if you are trying to read and drive you are a dumbass, and deserve a ticket. Now there is people who cannot walk and chew gum so it is debatable whether they actually should have a drivers license to begin with. Now driving and drinking a coffee, and being ticketed for that I think is a bit harsh. You think you have road rage now! Take away coffee from people in traffic, and you are creating a ticking time bomb! Now talking on a cell phone that is up for debate. Especially if you are using a head set. I have been guilty of this as most of us are. Now the young people text more then most people talk anymore so texting and driving deserves a ticket, and a dumbass of the year award I might add. Now before any tickets are handed out our law enforcement better practice what they preach. Now I do not want to hear well we are trained professionals we are allowed to drive and talk. Lets take this one step further what about people who use radios for their job. So do they have to stop to use their radio's? I think a better way of handling the matter is if an accident happens due to the cause of one of these devices then charge them accordingly. Lets use the laws that we have in place. That is the problem with society. People seem to think lets create new laws to solve life's problems.

So I encourage everyone to contact their local and provincial politicians, and tell them to enforce what laws we have, rather then weigh us down with more legislation to clog up the courts even further.

So until next time remember before we work on artificial intelligence why don't we do something about natural stupidity? ~Steve Polyake

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