Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is Big Brother Watching You?

In a day where technology gets smarter and smarter, does that mean we get more careless? How private do you think your life really is? When we have facebook, myspace and every other social networking space out there who is really private anymore? Now I guess if you are unplugged you should be safe....well maybe not so much. If you have someone who really wants to make your life miserable there is identity theft, or just someone that wants to be malicious. They can create a profile and pretty well say what they want. Now lets take this one step further you have a good time one weekend do somethings you are not exactly proud of, but feel that as long as you do not do it again all will be forgiven. Well the old adage what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas may not be the case. Case in point...Social networking plays out in court. So even though you are portrayed in one light by day you better act like that at night or it may come back and haunt you! Now if you have a facebook page, and you have pictures of last weekend at the beer and whiskey run, and you were seen dancing on tables about 2AM. Now follow me and walk down a slippery slope here, say you are the CEO of a huge company do you want the board of directors really seeing those pictures? Unless they were the ones throwing the I digress! So the whole point to this is be careful what you do, and remember what you do today might come back and burn your ass tomorrow so be careful out there! Now I think I am going to go checkout my Facebook page and see what is new. lol

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From the Big Ape

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suZen said...

Funny post - but scary too. I'm so new to all this social networking stuff and I'm trying to do things "right" and learn the right ways of doing, etc. I've found it all quite intimidating and still have no clue what I'm doing on line at all! haha! Did you read "What Would Google Do?" If not, do! Talk about big brother watching!