Saturday, May 16, 2009

Big Idea From One Man Or Maybe Ape...

As I skim my daily readings on this Saturday morning I wonder aloud why we would decided to sentence a person to 125 years in prison and want to keep them alive? Especially a teacher at that! Now for the record the person has not been sentenced yet, but if the thought is there, he will be there as quick as you can say Bob is your uncle! Now if he would have decided to do this in nandy pamby Canada. At best he would have got 25 years, and if the truth be known because of all the bleeding hearts he would be hard pressed to serve 15 years. Now getting back to the original idea, if a person oh say is sentenced to anymore then say 50 years. Why are they being kept alive? Now I can hear the bleeding hearts again....but they might be only 50 to 70 years old! So why not let them live out their golden years? Tell me what good are they to society at this point? I know that it is tough talk coming from a big ape that is on disability, that lives off of the government trough you say. STOP one second though some might say I am a hypocrite for saying that. Some might say why don't we put you to sleep? As I am not much good to society either! Well you can try, but the difference between them and me is this: I am not the demise of my life. I did not choose my path! Someone or something took my life.

The person who knowingly breaks the law and is sentenced a 30, 40, 50 or 100 years before you see the free world again. Sorry you are the weakest link...Good bye! I like the idea of what the Chinese do. If you are sentenced to a life sentences you are taken out back of the court house and exterminated. Now I can hear all the bleeding hearts, BUT what if someone is falsely accused? Well for every person that gets a bum rap, there is 25 more getting their just desserts! Tell me society moves at such a pace now that if a person is taken out of the loop for 15, 20, or 30 years what good are they going to be in society? Hell every time I walk into my local electronics store I feel that society is passing me by. Can you imagine what someone would feel like that is totally taken out of the loop! Mind you then again the way some of the way these prisoners are treated, they probably are treated to better technology then the working stiff on the street. I would hope that is a tongue in cheek statement....please let that be the case! So next time we as tax payers look at your tax bill just think about 20% of those dollars are paying to keep some creep alive in a prison when he has no reason to live. Now an area that really makes my blood just boil is the people that are involved in kiddy porn. Children that are exploited for pornography is sooooo wrong! Those sick bastards I am sorry do not deserve to take another breath in my book! Nuke them I say!!!!!

Finally if you start exterminating a few people it would send a message to tread lightly if you are a criminal , because if you do not, and you are sent packing for an extreme stay. You are going to do society a favor, and be labeled the weakest link, and some judge some where is going to tell you so, and we are all going to bid you GOODBYE YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK in that snappy English accent! Grin

Until next time remember; opinions are like certain parts of the anatomy. Everyone has one, just some are bigger then others!

From The Big Ape

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suZen said...

I'm totally with you! I've been rather radical in the whole "eye for an eye" kind of "discipline" - you rob, you loose your gun arm, you fondle and off with your hands, you rape, off with your "piece". Also, you dissent against the USA? Get on a boat and leave! I have tons more but I don't want to get arrested! ha!