Saturday, May 9, 2009

Are We Throwing The Baby Out With The Bath Water?

That is a saying my Grandmother used to use when people acted with a knee jerk reaction on an important matter. The matter at hand is the banning of Tasers by law enforcement in Canada especially Alberta. Now I will say that there has been a very unfortunate incident again this past Wednesday. Another man has died when in an altercation. They are trying to determine if it was the fault of the taser. Again it is important that someone died, and my condolences go out to the family and friends of the man in question. I can say I too knew Mr. Prentice. We were not long lost friends, but we went to school together. No one deserves to die in an altercation, whether it is with law enforcement or just with another person. The sad thing someone died at all. Now there is details that is being investigated as we speak that I am sure will come out at a later date. I will say that outside investigators were brought in at once. Nobody is trying to hide anything. The authorities are trying to make sense of a very bad situation. I can say I bet that cop is reliving that call time and time again wondering if they could have done something different. Now for the record keep in mind the victim was in distress. He was agitated, that is the reason the police was called in the first place. It was reported that he had approached people on the street in the neighborhood along with trying to force his way into a house in that same area. It was also reported he was seen being agitated and bleeding. So along with the police, medical attention was also summoned. Now I would like to state for the record I am not getting this information first had. This information is what I have seen in different media reports. When the individual was approached by law enforcement he was some what combative, and had to be restrained. Upon this altercation a taser was used to help subdue the person in question. Now people have to understand a few things here:
1. We are not sure even if the taser was discharged in the altercation, did it actually penetrate the person in question?
2. If the person in question had not resisted, the taser would never have been even thought of to be used.
3. Keeping in mind the taser is a better choice then having to pull their service revolver and shoot the person.
4. The person passed away they figure of a heart attack. Critics are saying it was because of the taser. My question is would he have passed away regardless of the taser? Was he having medical problems anyway, and that is why he was acting out to begin with, and would have died anyway?
5. Lastly this person was known to police for being aggressive on previous incidents.

Now the whole situation is very sad! A person died here, but if we can learn one thing from all this. Do not resist or defy law enforcement when they make requests of you. Also lets rethink the request to ban tasers, because I assure you if they pull their service revolver the person probably has a less chance of living!

RIP Grant you are gone, but will never be forgotten....

From The Big Ape

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suZen said...

I feel badly the guy died, but I agree that tasers would be the lesser of the two evils, the other being the gun! I'm sure police have found tasers preferable to shooting with a gun when trying to subdue someone - which they obviously have to do a lot!