Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well I think the title kind of says it all. The only other sound that I think is fitting for the USA economy is a toilet flushing. One can look at both sides of the coin and pose the question could or should the government bail out the banks to keep the economy from taking a quick slide into the proverbial toilet? Personally I think for a change the right decision was made. What will this do to the Canadian economy? What will this do to our in giant house of cards. I think we are going to sway a bit, and even a few cards might fall off the top. I always thought we were a bit top heavy anyway. My personal opinion is we are going to see some flexing of corporate muscles, but I think that we are going to come out on top. Hey we are Canadians we are tough!!! LOL I think you are going to see some huge fire sales in all sectors in the USA for the next 6 to 12 months. Does that mean we should be running down there faster then a fat kid told he had unlimited spending in his local Cadburys Chocolate store? NO!!!!! We as Canadians are much more conservative in our investments and spending in general. Lets face it the Americans are much more aggressive, and in your face in all facets of life. This is one time we as Canadians can jump up and yell; "in your face United States Of America" We in Canada may be the smarter of of the family after all. We may be the runt of the litter, but sometimes the geeks (the term I use for how the USA treats us... the geeky younger brother) They may have all the cool toys, but in a lot of ways in my opinion I think we are smarter and if not smarter more reserved then our older sibling to the south. Now for the people that have the posh life styles and money invested in the USA I am sure there is some nervous people today. Although I think that is a pretty small percentage of Canadians. It will be interesting to see how the house of cards are rebuilt. Hopefully the USA will be smarter the next time around, and will not want to play 52 pick-up again anytime soon. I think you are going to see some wicked deals when it comes from made in USA products. There is where Canadians will benefit. Just be wary of the slick looking dude with the American flag standing on your nearest street corner trying to sell you a Rolex. Grin....

As a blogger I must admit that I do read other posts. With that I cam across a blog that I do try and read on a regular basis. Blogging I will warn you is like crack to a geek! Next to hygiene first thing in the morning this is very high on my list. Some days the info is more interesting then others. Today was one of those interesting days. Unskilled and Mediocre by RHolt is a site that I really recomend. He was blogging about a interesting subject called pictometry. Now this is big brother at its finest. My question is though if we have companies and services out there like this tell me why we are still looking for rat bastards like Bin Lauden? Like the article of Bobs says it is taking this to the next degree. Government is looking at this for using this to do tax property checks. Pretty soon we will just go to work go home and once a week they will scan our heads and input so many credits in our account for work recieved, and we will go through life living in a computerized cashless society. You scoff... I really find this interesting, but on the other side of the coin kind of scary. What is your take on this whole idea? Are you willing to get micro-chipped for the better of man kind? We do it to some animals. We are tracked through our cookies on our computers, our club cards, through our vehicles. What is next? Well I think it is time to go dance naked so big brothers camera will never work again pointing it at this house hold. Lmao

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