Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Adventure Continues...

It is truely amazing how lifes little journies take twists and turns. Here I lay 5 weeks today still held up in the placial fines of the Brooks General Hilton. Believe me when I say there really could be worse places to be. The company is fair considering we are a bunch of sick people. How much fun can you have other then taking bets on what we are going to have for the next meal, or my favorite is what your O2 sats and blood pressure is going to be when they come around on vital checks. Hey folks you have to understand we lead pretty sheltered lives in here. Let's face it they don't want you getting too comfortable in here you may want to stay. Goodness knows the wait time for hospital beds are long enough. They really don't want people thinking getting sick is really a good thing. They might have more people knocking at the doors that are already too busy. That is why hospital food is not fine dining. People who get fed too well might think this is a better gig then being at home, and not want to get well too quick. This way if they keep your neighbors puking and the others trying to hork up a lung all night it is just in and out, and you are good to go. See I must be a miserable old ape I got my own room. I guess I am blessed, but I can say for the most part most of the are privates. Again as much as I kid I have truely did receive steller care both in Brooks and Calgary. I am still waiting for that cute little blonde number that comes in with the tradional nurses out fit with no under garments on, and happens to bend over... HOLD ON that is my perfect hospital dream. Forget that idea. I know I will just keep dreaming!!! I can say after 5 weeks you can't blame a guy for having naughty dreams every now and then!!!!Right??? Lol

Even though I would like to thank you all for the great well wishes, visits, and phone calls to Mellody for both updates and to see how we are doing. It really means a lot to Mellody and I to know we have that close of friends. Thank you to all. For fear of missing you I will just say thank you as I do not want to start thanking everyone for fear I would miss someone. You all know who you are!

Well the doctor was in today and wiggled a bananna in front of the big old ape. If things keep going in the direction they have been. I should get my get out of jail free pass on Tuesday. That is still 4 and a half days away, but I am feeling pretty good for the most part so we will see. It is mostly what my test results say on Monday. If the numbers don't cooperate with the doctors expectations then I guess they are loading me up in the donkey express and letting the specialists take another crack at me. Well time and good judgement will tell I guess. I always knew and this just proved it yesterday. It is not what you know it is who you know in this life to get positive action. Well I was turned down recently to get a consult with a gastric surgeon with no real expectation of seeing one any time soon. Well my fine Dr. along with 2 specialists in Calgary rallied in my favor, and mysterically I was given an appointment out of thin air for the 23rd of September. Wow not only did it happen, but it happened quickly. Who says the old ape is not special!! (grin) does that mean I have friends in important places?

I was listening to the radio this morning the music host was talking about how over in Austrailia if you are on Wefare they will PAY you $5 a day to make sure your kid(s) are in school. He was asking what we thought about that.Well I would like to throw that out to you folks as to what your thoughts are on this matter. Here is my 2.5 cents for what it is worth. I think if you are paid to do something that would be considered a job. Well if one would ask me I would list having children under priviledges and responsabilities. See that is what is wrong with todays society. Most people think that they need to get paid with every action in life. Nobody held a gun to your head to have those children. Kids. They are a bi-product of sex which in my mind something fun to do. It could be considered a sport if you will or a hobby. Here is a equation that you can look at for all you analytical types. Kids= prividledges X responsabilities. TAKE RESPONSABILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS PEOPLE. I feel better now*** deep breath... Lol

Well I guess I better wrap this up for another day.

I just wanted to acknowledge that it was September 11th. Where were you on that fateful day. I heard it explained as the modern day version of pearl harbor. How true that it is. Take a moment in your busy day just to reflect what we have in todays society, and thank our troops that are fighting for our freedoms.

Until next time be kind to one another as a duck maybe someones mother!

From The Big Ape ;-)

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