Monday, September 15, 2008

Two For The Price Of One!

Well here we go. Actually a loyal reader submitted a subject that she thought should be brought to light. Well here I go I am flipping the light on exposing this situation. It was pointed out, and I am sure you have seen in your media products that Prince Harry is back in the area of Southern Alberta. Whooooppppeee!!!!! Personaly I really don't think he is any different then an other soilder. Now with that being said I take my hat off to all the military that fight for our freedoms. Now the interesting point to this article prior to the prince gracing our presence the British military were more or less banned from local drinking establishments. See in the past when the British boys start to get into the local spirits they have trouble controling themselves resulting in various problems. So the local bar owners have got together and said unless you have an Alberta Health Card if you are British you are not getting into sample the local libations. Right or Wrong that is what the business community has decided. It has been reported when the boys come in they tear up the place or puke in places that are not approprite. Now that causes a spin off effect in the local economy. One might not understand or think of. Now the cabs that are used as these gents needing them to get around around town to the cafes they frequent before they go on their run aways are all feeling the effects of the Brits being banned also it is about a 20 mile trip into town from the base. Not to mention the cafes or the stores that are also feeling the pinch. Now the kicker is now that the fair haired Prince shows up, and Ralphs bar and Grill welcomes the Prince and his buddies in with open arms as it is huge advertising for the bar that Prince Harry attended! Some people are just crazy when it comes to the Royals or any star.personality showing up. I look like at him or anybody famous person the same way. I feel honored to meet anybody new as we all are famous in our own little way. The point I make is he is no different then you or I. The only thing is he was born into a family with money and prestiege. So I think it is kind of hipocritical as my loyal reader pointed out that just because Prince Harry graces our presence the clubs and cafes are more then willing to change the old rules because it creates media attention on a world level. Maybe they should open up the can of worms of the hypocritical business community bows to the British to get world wide media attention. Just food for thought Thanks again Diane for the story idea.

Now the second that I promised for the two for the price of one. How come we never got kissed when we got boned when we woke up Friday morning? I am a bit perplexed as why there is a threat of hurricane damage in the texas area the fuel price immeditly goes up. Not everyone knows this, but our gas prices are bought on futures. How this works is the gas we are working on now was bought on a price that was set up 3 months ago. So my question is why do we see an imediate increase on a product that we are setting a price for 3 months down the road. Hense for the comment we are getting boned without getting kissed. Now even a bigger twist to this little tale is why is it that at the north end of the provience it is $1.21 a liter and at the south end of the provience it is $1.31. Now explain that to me other then supply and demand, and sell it for what ever the market will bear. Now lets get all the tree huggers in on this and say that the government is trying to get us to stop driving so much. Well folks I don't know about you, but we are being taxed up the wazoo now. Isn't this just another way to collect a tax from us that we won't bitch about? Now there is the people that say well if you would not drive so much you would not feel the crunch. Well that is a lame comment! What about the people that have to drive to work because they live too far to walk. Ok I hear the huggers already;"well if you would not go out in these sprawling suberbia areas you would not feel that crunch. Well HELLO we all cannot live in the area of our work! The other point I want to point out is just about every thing you touch is brought to you by a truck. Well that fuel that powers that truck has got more expensive so inorder to recoop some of the fuel cost. The truckers are forced to charge the manufactures to get the products to you. Now as a consumer you will now have be charged more to recoop some of the extra expense. So once again the consumer gets boned coming and going. The only thing that is not being risen to match the supply and demand theory is wages.

Well as usual I would like to hear from you, and see what your thoughts are on these points. It appears I had some people disagree with me on the last posting. Personally I think that is great! It shows me two things:
1. You are reading what I am writing.
2. My theroy that everybody has opinions just some are bigger then others is true. Grin

I hope this finds everybody well!

Until next time

From The Big Ape ;-)

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