Monday, September 29, 2008

Live and Large...Back in the Saddle

Well the adventure finally came to an end. I finally got off that wild ride called "The Hospital". It is a great place to visit if you have someone special to see, but remember if you stay too long one of two things might happen. You might catch something to cause you to join that someone special, or you might just end of staying long enough you get shuffled into the paper work and they keep you. That only works when you are on the nut cracker floor. For the record although some of you can contest that I should be locked up because I am nuts, this time I was on a regular ward actually it was the maternity ward at the end of my stay. I was trying to get them to change my diaper! I would have been the biggest baby they would have ever seen I am sure. lol I would have hated to be the one that I came out of!!!! LMAO

Medicine Hat looks different. It is kind of dejavou... I remember being here before I am just not sure when. No I am not going nuts it just seems like I have been away longer then 7 1/2 weeks. I can say there is no place like home Toto. It is going to take me a bit to get back to fine form as I am going to have build strength up again. One does not realize how much they lose when they don't use it. I got spoiled being served like a king. Then again I am the alpha male of my jungle isn't that the way it is supposed to be??? Now before you get all in my face about being chauvinistic I could not be the king of the jungle if I wanted. As the Alpha Female only lets me believe that I am king, because if the truth be told she could kick my ass, and leave me begging for more. LOL

Hopefully we can continue with the flavorful postings just other things then what I had for lunch today in the hospital. Although it was a nice medium to keep everyone informed all at once. If you did'nt want to be informed I am sure you have been pretty bored with the postings the last couple of months. Again a very heartfelt thank you to all that helped us along my interesting journey. Mellody and I could never say thank you enough, but please realize we would be there if we can to see you through the same type of journey. It is always easier when you have someone to lean on as you were there for Mellody. Remember we will be there if the need ever arises.

I cannot finish a post with out sounding off on the subject of politics. PLEASE people I cannot stress enough don't be a bunch of sheep. Go out and vote, first and foremost! Secondly vote differently then what you have as obviously what we have been voting has not been working. It is some what comical to go read the news for the day and see what promises are being made to garner votes. To be honest with you one can ask who do you vote for? Well I tell people read a bit on line, listen to people around you, and then place your X where you think will make the most difference. One has to look at where we are today in the world, and ask yourself is that direction working for you? Some might say that hey Mr. Harper is exactly what I want to see, and vote status quote. Personally I look at things, and say yes he has not really screwed us, but status quote is not necessarily good either. I know all you prairie blues will start to sharpen your axes and formulate a lynching party. All I can say is you better watch out the ape is feeling friskier then he has in a lot of years you might be surprised what fight you might encounter. lol Not that I have ever been shy as to how or who I have not voted for I must say if I was sitting on a fence I think I would want to jump in the green party's yard for a while and play. I am not saying that I would set permanent camp there, but they interest me in more ways then not. I know I can hear the cat calls now typical jungle bunny wanting to side with those tree huggers. In some ways I don't think they are too far off the mark. My philosophy is such; " hell lets give them a try we can't do any worse can we?"

Well in closing it feels really different actually typing on my laptop, and sending my post out. For several weeks now we have been posting on a community basis. I would type my posting up on my crackberry, and then Mellody would send the notice out though my email posting on my address book. Thank goodness for geeky wives. lol I certainly would not trade her for the world!!!! I would not ever do as good as I did with Mel even if I custom made her. Now that I have made you all feel warm and fuzzy I am going to bid you farewell.

Until Next Time
Cheers from The Big Ape ;-)

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