Thursday, September 18, 2008

People Need To Wake Up!!!!

As we approach another day we hear the babble of polititions pushing and shoving in the media to convince "Joe Public" they are the best vote, and why. personally I must be getting old and grumpy as I really don't trust any of them any farther then I can pick them up and throw them. A good friend once told me he would rather have a sister in a whore house as a brother as a politition.(Thanks Bill I like that statement)(grin) I am begining to believe and understand that it is the smoothest talker that gets in not the guy that really wants to do the country common good. Those people were left behind in the Mayberry days. ( If you understand that comment you are old enough to truely understand politics). I know it is all about getting people out to vote, and I agree voting is a priviledge that everyone that wants to live in a free country should take. If you didn't vote then shut the hell up when you talk about the government screwing us. It could have been your vote that could have made the difference. If everyone took that attitude then we have a country like we live A Mess!!! I kind of appear to be forming this rant into two for the price of one again today. As the political double speak leads me to the next point of this soap box session.

People have to understand that when polititions want to raise money for something or make people think that they are justifing their job. They spin a yarn that if we do "A" and add "B" we will get "c". Well I call this the "Bullshit Equation". Public officals learn that equation in the first day of public official university, and just fine tune it from their. So if we say "A" is guns and "B" is crime then the obvious is the answer to the question = gun control. Sorry Billy you did not get the question right go to the back of the class. PEOPLE wake up and smell the coffee!!! Guns don't kill people! People kill people!!! That is saying because I run over you Grandmother in a cross walk that we should ban all motorized 4 wheeled vehicles. Well... we laugh, but that statement makes about much sence as the first statement. Again I know this gets preached at least once in every rant (for the record I will continue to preach it until people start doing it again) we need to start taking responsability for. our own actions in life. Let's not blame the fact that Billy came from an impoverished (the word of the day...thanks Mr. Webster...Grin) home, and is now selling drugs running around with a gun and wonders why he got shot, and killed when his latest drug deal went south. Then of course the up and coming talking head that appears in the media saying well if there was gun control maybe poor Billy's life could have been spared. There is that "Bullshit equation again" all they are trying to do is garner more money from their peers to say if we would have 20 more officers on the road little Billy would have been safe. We don't know that! With that being said I am not saying that we could not. use more officers on the streets. What we truely need is some teeth in the Justice system. If Joe Public actually got some serious jail time when he got caught when peddling drugs. A stronger sentence if he was selling and had a weapon. If Mr. Public kills someone in the commission of of a crime. Sorry dude it is also your time to check out to. Now I know you have all the warm and fuzzy people say well they just made a mistake, and they can be rehabilitated(sp). Well that is the problem for no ownership principle because there is too many warm and fuzzy people in this world too. Now before you say it I do have compassion (Honest), but when it comes to people doing dumb ass stunts I draw the line. You take a life you lose yours. You know if people knew that going into some of these situations I think you would see less people killing each other and even packing (if you don't understand the last line ask your nearest teenager they will explain it) so when you hear a local talking head looking for money you can ask yourself does this fit into the "Bullshit Equation", and Remember on October 14th go out to vote. If nothing else to see the guy you don't want to get in get in.

Well that is my opinion, and we all know about opinions. (If you don't go back a few rants I am sure you will find your answer)

Until Nex Time

From The Big Ape ;-)

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