Sunday, September 21, 2008

What is your bucket list?

Here is a link of a fellow blogger that decided to share his bucket list. It is a bit long, but then again who am I judge.

You may have to cut and paste this address in your address bar.

What is a bucket list? I encourage you to take in the movie with Jack Nicholeson that bares the same name. I know I plan to find it when I get home. I am sure it should be out in video by now as it was a hit in the spring.

My bucket list is not near as long my fellow bloggers, but like I said before who am I to judge.

My list is this:

- love Mellody now and every day after like the first day we met.
- visit and communicate with our true friends more.
- go to Jamica
- travel from one coast to the other along with the territories exploring the places for their beauty not the tourist traps.
- spend more time with nature.

Now these points will grow and fade. The point is to follow your bucket list with no abandon. Sometimes in life we get lost. We forget where we come from or get so busy that we just let life pass us . Now I realize in life we can keep looking for those zen moments in life, but I do believe we have got to stop being slaves to our careers. We should work to live, not live to work.

I encourage you to share your bucket list you don't have to give your name. Just add it into the comments section it would be interesting who and where you wanted to be the future.

Everyone is special in their own way. Let's share that experience. Life's experiences is what you make of them. If someone give you lemons in life don't be sour! Juice them and realize if you add a bit of vodka you can have a pretty good drink. ***Grin***

Until Next Time

Cheers from The Big Ape


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