Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Your Next Car Could Have Parental Controls And More...

Well we have been kind of on a big brother kick, well lets continue down that same path. It has been discovered Ford Motor Products have been listening to you as a consumer, and you have said that when little Johnny or Suzy hits the road you want to control how they drive or if nothing less be notified if they are having bad driving habits. Well I am not sure if you are one of those Ford customers or not, but what do you think about this idea? Personally I think it is an awesome idea, but then I am not 16 and trying to impress my 16 year old sweet heart as to my driving skills or their lack there of. Do you think this is big brother taking that step closer to that Orwellian land of abysses? If you have not read 1984 by George Orwell it is a classic in futuristic thinking. I can see from a mechanical idea that it is only setting us up for more head aches. When it comes to something breaking we all know what happens to computers especially if you are running a windows product (sorry I could not resist) the system seems to have to be rebooted periodically. Hopefully this is not the case when you are needing it to drive. Maybe the speed limit that you set for your kid all of sudden is messed up, and it is projected to everyone's keys. I think it is a good idea, but more trial testing needs to be done before it is released to the mass public. Not only that we know how much your kids are better with computers then you . Then systems could be hacked by the little wise ass geek down the street, and you will be limited to 35 miles an hour while your kid races around doing 90 MPH. The Ford Control Article

Can you believe it!!!! The USA government blinked!!! They just lost a lot of respect with me. and I am sure many more Canadians. I cannot believe that the 70 dollar bailout was actually rammed through! I guess none of us are political virgins any longer. I just wish they would have kissed me before they bent me over! Personally at this stage it really does not make too much difference to me one way or other, other then what is the spin off on the Canadian Govt now? It appears that apparently the USA is a true bully. All tough and in your face until you stand up to them once , then it is a game of cover and cry like a little school girl. Oh well it is just an added expense to the already trillions of dollars they already owe. It's like the old saying; "the one with the most toys, and deepest in debt at the end wins." If that is the case the USA is the grand champion once again!

Well I am finding out that I am getting closer then I think to being that LPN..grin Well the latest saga of the life and times of an old ape is I tore my meniscus on the left side of my right knee Tuesday morning. (Don't ask) it is not that interesting of a story. So I spent Friday in Brook's ER department. Pretty soon I am going to get frequent flier points or shares in the place! Anyway there is some speculation of possibility that a blood clot could be associated with this latest adventure, so it was explained I would have to inject blood thinners into myself daily until it is determined whether the clot exsists or not. Also I was instructed to stay in bed as much as possible... thank god for wifi is all I can say. Anyway I digress! Well my wife in all her support informs me that she is in no way, shape, or form going to be injecting me with anything. She just gets oozy thinking about needles going into a body part let alone being the one driving that puppy home! So Saturday I had a crash course on needle handling. I was certified to deliver meds before, just not injections. Well I can add this to my life skills page. I just hope those injections are going into someone else as I never have been a fan of being a pin cushion. Non the less chalk that up to another life skill that will probably be rendered useless on this old primate!

So you may or may not know that t is official that you do not have to be bothered any further with those annoying sales calls right at dinner time from tele-marketers. This is someone wanting to clean your furnace, or sell you an insurance policy. Will hark I hear the angels singing the do not call registry is officially up, and running. Does this mean the death of tele-marketers? Well no I don't think so. Read the fine print of the registry page there is still some loop holes, but it should cause a bit less stress during your quality time with you, and your feed bag! You know it is not even the fact that they call, well ok it is annoying when they call, but what pisses me off even more is when you get Suzy or Joe salesperson that thinks they are super salesperson of the week, and can strong arm you or pressure you into a sale. All I can say is sales are just like sex. NO means No! Not maybe or if I leave an uncomfortable pause there that you will cave faster then a fat kid in a candy store. Well I now give two chances depending on my mood of the day. If you get me in a good mood I will let them finish their speech, and politely tell them that I thank them for their time I am not interested. If a not so good mood is present I do not even let them get started, and I shut them down. Now if you get a goof that wants to banter with you, and argue with you that their product is the last sale you need in your life...WELL then it is gloves off, and the not so nice ape comes out. Anyway register and save your money for something else besides blood pressure pills!

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