Monday, October 20, 2008

If a mute swears does his mother wash his hands with soap?

Good day to one and all. I trust everyone made it back alive from their weekend? If not I guess reading this is a mute point! lol Anyway my fingers have never let me or you down, and I have a hole swack of goodies for you this posting. Without further ado....

How old did you say she was?
Man if I only looked that good now at 41 as she does at 106. Not that I should look like a fabulously aged black woman. I know people that are in their 60's that do not look as good as she does. To go even further I know she has got more of her facilities going on for her at 106 then I do at 41!!! LMAO Anyway I just posted this one for no other then to comment about her age. So enjoy!

Down Low Glow...
Now I can see this as being of some use, but it is how much? I am thinking this is an awesome idea, but unless you are a die hard that only cycles at night.(and why would you? Unless someone forgot to tell you, you will see more in the day light sparky.) I think I can save you some money by using some of the campers glow sticks. Now battery operated is cool too, but there is always worrying if your batteries are charged up. Now having a solar cell might be an option. I just think that batteries whether it is rechargeable or disposable are a tax on the environment. For the most of the general public the camping glow sticks would be a functionable alternative. For you folks that find you need to cycle in the dark you have hit the mother load of safe products for your bike!

From the Just When you thought you heard it all file.
Well I know people are in need of stimulants to get up and get going in the morning, and I must admit I have heard of this before, but I just chalked it up to be a geek think. Now I guess it is more then those stressed out sleep deprived programmers that are needing this. Caffeine soap......Just when you thought your extra latte espresso was not cutting it for you, you can get your latest jolt before you even get dressed in the morning. I don't know what is next? I can hear it now "man dies in the alley after mainlining too hot of coffee in his veins on the way to the office! I think way extreme is the two words we are looking for here. On that note I think I am going to go fix myself a coffee before I finish typing this...grin...

Sign him up!
Now I know we all think our kids are super stars when it comes to sports. Ok some of us do. I am sure I would if I had Anyway you have to check this kid out. First and foremost trying to get a kid that focused on anything let alone 4 hours a day other then a video game is pretty amazing! Especially because it involves physical activity. Listen (btw if you have not figured it out click on the highlighted parts of the link) I know that kids are supposed to be active, but having focus and imagination out side of a video game is as likely as easy as finding a virgin in a maturity non existent! Anyway I know I hear it now that all your Timmy's and Suzy's are perfect kids. I know I get it. Anyway when this kid gets a bit older, and he is smart enough to stay away from the steroids, and the other mind blowing drugs, and he has matured enough to add 14+2 he should be a super star. Keeping in mind that his parents have not pushed him so hard that he runs from a court !(that is basketball) screaming faster then a fat kid going to summer of exercise camp. I know I heard it that dear old dad says he is not pushing him, but now that he clues in that his son could be a mega superstar because of the media attention he will be riding him harder then
sea biscuit was rode in his last race . Anyway check out the story or move on.

Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't chariety begin at home?

Well that is what I was always taught anyway! I guess when you are raised with a golden spoon in your mouth as I am sure Mr. Harper was, it is different for the rich and droll. I am going to digress for a second. I was just a young lad and my Grandmother and I were at a function for New Years one year, and I had the extreme pleasure as some would think or in my case I thought it was the misfortune in tasting cavier. Now my whole point to this other then the fact of me sharing my culinary misfortunes with you is. When I was asked what I thought of cavier it was mentioned that this was the food for the rich and famous. Well my comment to that is if that is what they eat I will stick to poor food like Kraft Dinner and Wieners! Anyway I digressed, my point is though I think there is a pile of kids that are in our very own country that are starving that could need these funds! Look at how many food banks that could operate on just the interest of that money! Anyway once again our goofs in suits up in Ottawa screw us once again!

Coaching your child getting them ready for collage = $500
All the mental health costs waiting for them to get there = $2500
Finding out they went to the
The Klingon Language Institute = $5000
Kicking his ass up between his shoulder blades for ever thinking of a stupid idea = PRICELESS

Well I have heard of lame institutes before, but this has to take them all. The "runnng joke in university was what do people say with a political science degree; """do you want fries with that?" Well I guess this is pretty much the same thing except you can talk in a language that no one understands or really cares unless you are in a group of hardcore geeks that is about .5% of society! Anyway enough said. I just had to enlighten new or wannabe parents of such an upstanding facility. BAHAhahahahahaha

A motorcycle that is ugly and expensive!

I think enough is said with the above statement. Except Mr. Harper can buy one of these for his collection, or better yet buy one, and send it over to the starving people abroad. That would make as much sense!

Now from the useless to the useful (I am not sure what is happening with the text. My computer is having issues), but anyway I would be remissed if I did not let my fellow readers know about this little gem. Free computer programs
they are windows secrets if you will. If you look just down the right side of the page the programs are broke down in categories. I am sure there is something there for everyone. PLEASE note all these programs are priced just as WALMART has special pricing so does Darcy. Mine are FREE! That's right free for the taking. My gift to you... Yes there is still a free lunch in this world if you look hard enough...ENJOY!!!!

Now as promised I have said I will be hi-lighting fellow bloggers. Well this one I stumbled across totally by accident, but it has kind of a touch of my past associated to it. Some of my fellow readers will have association to this also. You know who you. Anyway not to take away from the site What I thought about it

is a great sight that informs people what the food and service is like at every place this person visits. Now I encourage you to go check out the site and visit often. See what I and a few readers have in common with this site. I will give you a hint just in case this person has written on another location. Chicken is your clue...Be careful a business near you could be next!

Anyway it is time for me to wander back to the jungle.

Until next time....


From The Big Ape

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