Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So Now What?????

So I am sure there is a lot of people are standing around the water coolers today playing arm chair Prime Minster. Well at the end of the day what did this latest Federal Election do other than stroke Harper's ego and say; "you the man!!!!" So at the end of the day the tax payers like you and I are left to foot the bill for the war chest that they used for campaigning, and fund the lame television commercials that they put out. I think the other thing this election did was just hi-light how big of a knuckle head Dion really is, and hopefully was. PLEEESE Liberal party if you have half a brain vote a new leader for your party. Don't get me wrong I think they all have some good points, and depending on who you talk to depends on those points in question. I will say the people in the west have either been blue or Red. When you see Orange creep in there you know there is complete distention in the big power race they call politics. I was discussing some matters with a friend through email last night, and I asked if he was surprised as to the out come of the election? As we both agreed it was a huge waste of money, and Dion was outed for the goof that he really is. Maybe we should note the time and day along with the place as to when I agreed with someone on politics. I fly way past the point of either left or Right. I float on the scale of scary and border the line of

Here is a pic that was sent to me some may find offensive. F
or that I will not apologize as I consider these writings as mine, and I will be the first to admit that I tred no where near political correctness. So if you are offended go away quietly, or put a email curse on me that wishes me early finger arthritis. Any way I found more truth to this then really being funny. I truly don't have a problem with new comers coming to our country, but SPEAK english when you are in public. What you do behind closed doors is totally up to you! When in local cafes or any other public place at least make a half assed attempt to speak our language. I know our language is messed up, and I am sure when there is two or three spellings for a word it will mess you up, all we can do is ask you to try. Look at Abeu from the squishy mart if he can do it any one can. Now
I digressed here is the picture.

Well here is some things that has been brought to my attention that I had to make note of. I have a web widget that asks random questions that ponder life. Now I am not sure if that is a random group of people that just observe life, or we have one really small group of people that do not have a life. Either way here is a few I found amusing. If you have any hardcore answers to these life long questions don't be afraid to comment or email me so I can enlighten my reading public.

Why are most homes white?

Are there seeing eye humans for blind dogs?

What does Geronimo yell when he jumps out of a plane?

Why is a boxing ring square?

If quitters never win, and winners never quit, than who is the fool who said, "Quit while you're ahead"?

What do little birdies see if they get knocked unconscious?

Speaking of my readers, I installed a little widget on my blog that tracks the location of my readers. Now before everybody goes James Bond paranoid on me, and feel that big brother is watching them. I do not know who you are or what your name is, and no I cannot gain access to your computer. It only recognizes someone from (insert name here) has tracked across this page. The couple of reasons that I even installed this was:
1. I wanted to know if anyone was reading my junk?
2. I was curious as to where people was from that might find my ramblings interesting enough to at least trip across the site. Now I know I have a small readership of friends that visit occasionally if nothing else to humor me that you can say I read your piece on "X" and you are so wrong your head is up your ass! Well like I have always said opinions are like certain parts of our anatomy we all have one, just some are bigger then others.

Here is a head line I came across this morning while reading my group of daily papers;

"Bush, Paulson say economic rebound in the United States will take time"

You don't say sparky!!!! Now I think that is the most ignorant statement a so called leader could make. That goes to show you that you do not have to be smart to run a country. All you need is gobs of money or caught someone doing a goat, and you have a picture of it. Or in Clinton's case someone doing an intern! lol
That is like saying you will eventually lose weight if you quit eating for long enough. Time waits for no one sparky! Lets face it the damage is done, and it is going to take more then a few years to get back on their feet in the USA. First of all they need to get leadership that is not a bully. Once that happens they can stock pile their reserves from their military and lick their wounds. Then they will live happily ever after!

Now this next story I am not sure how to grasp. Do I commend this hill billy for at least having enough brains to not get behind the wheel when she thought she might be impaired? Or do I call her the dumb as of the week for allowing a 9 year old to drive. Now what I find even more humorous is the comments that were attached to this piece. Without further ado.

Drinking mother makes girl, 9, her designated driver

Seriously though she could have done worse. How much of a bad person would she had been if she had been drunk, and did have an accident which killed the little girl.
Personally I was driving on the back roads at 12 does that make my parents bad people? I am not some deranged nut job! Well at least it was not my parents fault anyway. I got that way after a I left home. hehehehehehehe

Nope the votes are in. The dumb ass of the day goes to this guy. Now he was chosen for a couple of reasons:
1. Why did he think this was a video people would find interesting enough to be put up in cyber space?
2. How bord do you need to be to think of an instrument like this?
I blame reality television for stuff like this. It gives people creative license to think we might be interested in crap like this!

Well I stumbled across this blog last night when I was doing some reading. I must admit this blog is like a train wreck you just can't turn away once you are there. I did not agree with everything he had to say, but he is worth taking a trip over to and see what you think. I plan on throwing him in my daily read column just to see what he has to say long term. He had a pretty good comment about the TEPEE here in Medicine Hat.

Well I think that will be all for now. I have done enough damage for one day. grin.....

Until Next Time
From The Old Ape

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