Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Do we push Mother Nature too far?

As we have heavy hearts thinking of the 8 men who lost their lives doing what they loved in the BC Rockies on Sunday afternoon. It is always hard to watch people anguish over the thought that their loved one(s) pushed Mother Nature just a bit too hard and she pushed back. We have all heard of, or maybe even experienced the wrath of Mother Nature. She has created various locations in our country that we can marvel at for her vast expertise that has such a beautiful project come to fruition. I think that one person interviewed in this last incident kind of said it all. People are buying bigger and bigger machines to go further. To the top of the world one might say they went that far. Well this trip someone forgot to tell them was a one way trip. So yes they died doing what they loved, but they left others longing for them for years to come. People could ask why would you knowingly put yourself in harms way? The thrill of the adventure could be an answer to that question. We all work very hard in our lives, and we seem to want to play even harder. When you work this hard it enables you to purchase toys that reflect your fruits of your labor. The manufacturers of these toys know that we as citizens of society buy the biggest, fastest, flashyist, piece of equipment to partake in what ever activity they enjoy. So as they say build it and they will come, or in this case build it and they will purchase it. People yearn to seek these far away vistas, experience that rush too get to this wild uninhabited place. Lets face it most people that get involved in this type of stuff are adrenaline junkies. We seem to be more stressed in our lives today, so by getting involved in such activities gives us such a feeling of still being alive! I admire that these people passed doing the think they loved so much. I do feel saddened for the loved ones that are left behind. The spouses that are left to go on without their soul mates. The children that will grow up without one of their parents. Now I know I can hear it now... that happens everyday suck it up! Your right, but sit in front of that child and listen to them weep longing for Mommy or Daddy to come home, and tell me that it does not tug at your heart strings. So when you push the envelope and test Mother Nature be prepared that she may push back, and have consequences for those actions. Be safe out their!!

Leonard Stier, and his son Michael Stier, Warren Rothel, Thomas Talarico, Kane Rusnak, Kurt Kabel, and Blaine Wilson, last but not least Danny Bjarnason.

Gone but never forgotten!!!!
God speed to those who passed, and prayers of strength and faith for those left behind.

The Big Ape

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