Monday, January 12, 2009

Where Do You Get Your Media?

Well we have slipped into 2009 quietly, but stead fast. Depending on what part of the world that you lived in this might have been a literal statement. In my part if the world we have battled the cold and snow for about 4 weeks now. Now it is time to get our traction, and make our way into 2009 with careless abandon. Now as the title asks where do you get your media or news? News is a funny thing. We can get news from our spouse, or family from what they heard on the radio from their drive home from an outing in the vehicle. Maybe you are a bit more first hand and watch the news sometime during the day. Is sitting down with your favorite beverage and relaxing over the newspaper your thing? Well with the computer age being in our face how many of you get your news from the internet? There is sites that specializes in news like google news or various other sites that you might gravitate to. Do we have to pay attention to the old saying only believe half of what you read, and part of what you see. Now what about blogging? Like what you are reading now. Do you consider this a news source? I guess one has to ask what is news. The Webster dictionary reads as this:

1 a: a report of recent events b: previously unknown information

So some might say that blogging could be considered a news source then. Well it stuck me funny recently when I was surfing around the other day on the super highway of technology called the internet. Now you have to appreciate with my situation as it is I spend a considerable amount of time whiling the hours away surfing. Now I came across a statement the other day of Blogging we are going to need more monkeys. Actually here is the picture associated. I think they just took a picture of breakfast at my last family reunion! LOL

Now that kind of unintentionally plays off of the words of the Big Ape and my blogging, that kind of struck me funny. I started to think about this statement more. How does blogging master in to the media game. Is the idea of media being washed out and diluted because of the super highway, or is it a help to get information to us more easily?

One has to keep in mind it is so easy to post anything you want online anymore. There is some places like wikipedia an on-line encyclopedia. The neat part of this is it can be corrected by the people or added to also. The online moderators are pretty quick to correct something that has been wrongly posted. Now you are probably thinking what is stopping someone from making a personal attack on the site and posting hateful or hurtful information. Well once again the moderators job comes to play to keep this type of activity cleaned up and keep the information righted, and they do a great job! So is blogging a credible source for news, or is it just a bunch of apes beating their chests wanting to be be heard? Now you may or may not know the internet can lead us to information on how to build a bomb to the latest sports scores on your hometown sports team. The key is knowing where to go at the right times.

Well media is kind of a personal quest. What ever blows your hair back or in my case what ever blows up my kilt. AS long as it is warm air, all is good. I am stiff enough thanks! grin.......
So in conclusion I think the media is a very valuable source that can be used to ones advantage. Sometimes that may be a sinister activity, but either way you fly it can act swiftly and directly like a coiled cobra in a pen full of mongooses.

So where ever you get your news may it all be good!

Remember :
Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. - Jerry Garcia

From The Big Ape

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