Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why do doctors leave the room while you change? They're going to see you naked anyway.

I ask another question. Why is it that people can consume huge amounts of drugs and alcohol, and that seems to be an excuse for the pickle that they seem to have got themselves in? I watched the noon hour news today, and low and behold two different stories were explained as the reason they committed their life altering mistakes. One can add what ever horrific crime here; triple murder, hitting some one in the head with a pick axe, driving so drunk you mow five people into heaven... you get the picture. Why is it that people cannot take responsibility for there own actions? No one forced you to drink to the point of not knowing your name. Even better not only are breaking the law for possessing the drugs let alone doing them, and using that as an excuse. Case in point a young man that was at a house party about a year ago When a fight breaks out a clean cut kid trying to do what is right steps in to stop what hopefully will be just two young men exercising their hormones and dusting it up a bit. Add the alcohol and what ever recreational drug you want to insert here, and someone ends up dying. Then it becomes the great legal dance of your lawyer against the crown. 12 or 14 months later, and the little puke that took that life is made out to be the saint of your local church. His lawyer paints a picture that he never did drugs before. It was a one time event, and poof just when life was the picture of perfect for the puke in question this one time incident happened, and now his life has come before the courts. Well two things on that statement: 1. If that story is what happened, sorry buck wheat!!! You do the crime, you do the time! Responsibility for ones actions. 2. Call me a nay sayer, but I don't believe that this little saint is as golden that his public appointed lawyer is making him out to be.

Lets fast forward to another court room on the next floor. We are winding down to a the jury actually getting charged to find a verdict for that clown that sits in a Calgary Court room for his fateful actions one April night 2 years ago when he killed three members of a family here in Medicine Hat. Now I found it kind of humorous that our local television station had a computer pol asking if their viewers were following the trial of the Murder? Well DUH! You would have to live under a rock, not watch TV, or listen to a radio, lets add not read a news paper to be immune to this story! Just by breathing you are getting injected with news on this story not to mention next to the Governments follies, it is the most talked about story in local coffee shops, and public space. Now I have got to hand it to the Crown Prosecutor Miss Romona Robins. She did a stellar job! She is a very sharp lawyer. I had the privilege of watching her in action for 3.5 weeks on a trial I was covering on a freelance basis earlier this year. She has a gatling gun style when cross examining her adversary. That tends to give her victim enough rope to hang themselves. She just pokes holes in the words that you have already stated. I think between the Windsor trial earlier this year, and now this trial. She is going to send her career into a rock star status. I kind of got focused on a rant there...sorry, but my point was that Steinke's lawyer made him out to be this poor little abused, depressed, addicted young man that was not sure what he was doing. HELLO people this little puke laughed about what he did! He is not remorseful for what he did. He is remorseful that he got caught! Hopefully the jury has seen that poor me attitude is just a lawyer created role instead of the misfit role that he really is. Well I think enough time has been spent on these two, but remember next time you screw up be responsible for your own actions. If there is one skill that we can teach our kids of today. Do the crime, pay the time. You can't hate the player, you have to hate the game!

Remember opinions are like certain parts of the anatomy, everyone has one. Just some are bigger then others!

From The Big Ape ;-)

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