Monday, April 13, 2009

What Is Considered Entertainment Anymore?

Well I must admit is nice having the opportunity to be back in the land of the world wide web. In some ways it was nice to be unplugged, and frankly I can say I was so sick for the first week or so I would have not cared if the cyberspace would have blown up. I know when you first get unplugged and you are not used to it, it is almost like you are missing something. Well I can say I was not totally unplugged as I did have my crackberry, but in all fairness that was used more for a phone between me and the wife. Just so I could keep her up to speed on what was happening. As it worked out I gave everyone a bit of a scare when they told her I was being transferred to the ICU. People panic too easily. You know I don't have a death wish, but I am at peace with it. I guess with me looking at my faith more and reading more about Buddhism, I am at peace with my life. Not that I really want to die, but if it happened I am at peace with it. I believe I am here for a good time, and what time I have I am going to try and make it everlasting. Now here I go again that does not have much to do with entertainment, but my tangents seem to pop up anywhere and everywhere. I guess that shows I am getting healthy again if I ramble along. Lol Anyway I posed the question; "what do you consider entertainment?" With the World Wide Web being as vast as it is any source of entertainment can be obtained. What is your pleasure is your wish granted if you look in the right places. Is that a bad thing? I think the internet is like the wild west was. Now people are getting arrested for child porn, and in my humble opinion I think they should! Porn is one thing, but when you start exploiting kids that has crossed the line in my books!

You Tube is a very interesting site. I know some of the younger, and some older people watch You Tube more then they watch their TV sets anymore. In some ways I think that what is on You Tube is probably more entertaining. Have you seen what they are putting on main stream television these days? It just proves that Yee Who Has Money can do anything they want, even produce bad TV shows. The only nice part is they generally don't last past about 7 or so episodes before the networks pull them as they have tanked. It is just the painful aspect for the viewers until the networks clue in that people are not going to put up with garbage. Some say; "garbage in, garbage out" is what the networks are producing. I do have my favorites though; House, Bones, Anything UFC. So with my guilty pleasures divulged, and I must say there is other shows I will watch, but life does not stop if I miss them. No TV is that important, but I do enjoy that programing. Also I do like documentaries. The nice thing is if you have an interest in what ever subject the internet is your virtual supplier of the media.

You Tube for instance is good source for seeking anything you have an interest in. Did you miss a particular concert? Well if you go search You Tube chances are someone with a camera on their phone is streaming it back for you. Go check it out! If you are interested in a subject chances are there is probably 10, 20, or 50 other people are too. A lot of these people that produce these little movies get main stream media attention. Reading in the Calgary Sun someone found the Iggy race for the playoffs. Now people surprise me that they do this as just a lark. These people have an amazing amount of talent. In this case a couple of radio stations have picked up the song and ran with it so to speak. You look at the you tube site nearly 32000 people have viewed the video. That is in my mind pretty good for just horsing around. It is totally amazing what these kids can do with a $500 video camera and a bit of thinking.

I typed in my residence city of Medicine Hat and of course we would find Medicine Hats finest of Kalan Porter. Some dedicated fans posted one of his songs on the web that he did at his concert here recently, actually the whole concert is there. Now if you want to feel like you were there and you missed the concert, and you can put up with 5000 screaming 14 year olds...check it out I do encourage you to go search Kalan Porter's bra story or the next one about growing facial hair itis right after that. They are amusing. Especially because he looks like he is about 12. He must have fun when he goes out to clubs. Anyway I will let you go surf your favorite You Tube sites. Drop me a line and let me know what your favorite is. Try to make it no more then PG14 as I have young readers.

Anyway until next time...Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

From The Crusty old Ape

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