Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Very Sad Day in Society

Not in my back yard is what I hear. Drugs... everybody wants them removed from our streets, but when somebody or a group of people try and set up a clinic to help the addicts it is; "oh we can't put it there it will effect my property values!" So which is it people do you want to be part of the problem or the solution? Case in point is the Second Chance Recovery Methadone Clinic is being forced to close its doors because they cannot find a place that will take their clinic. Now this is in Calgary this time, but this could happen anywhere in Canada! How sad is that? In a time that the economy is falling apart and people are going to need a facility like this more then ever, they are being forced to close there doors because of people not wanting to do the right thing. Very sad is all I can say! I guess it will be better that these junkies will be going into the parks or shooting up on the trails in the parks. I have had the pleasure and I mean pleasure to work with the owner of the clinic in question. You cannot ask for a more kind hearted well intentioned man in your life. He will listen to anyone that wants to talk. He will help people that others have turned a blind eye to as a lost cause. Why you ask? He says everybody needs to be loved, and be given another chance. A true guardian angle in my books.

I am going to share a story with you. I was working in one of Mr. Leslie's clinics. He gave me a chance when others would not just because I was fresh out of school. Anyway we had one particular client that had been in and out of the clinic pretty frequently. We call them frequent flyers so to speak. Anyway I had asked Bill why he keep taking this client back when we knew that they probably would not stay straight. Why not leave that spot for someone that truly wants to become clean. Bill looked at me and said;"Kid (that was his pet name for me) you need to learn something early on. You have to take everyone seriously that comes through our door that says they want to get clean regardless of how many times before they have failed, because you just don't know when they will finally get it, and move to complete sobriety. Who are we to judge!" That has always stuck with me, and from that day on I look at every person I have or will ever will work with or have the pleasure meeting, and use that mantra.

You have to understand Mr. Leslie is not the healthiest of men. There is some days that I know it is all he can do to get out of bed, but he does. When most people would call in sick Bill is down at the office doing something. He is the first one there in the morning, and if he isn't he was there way past everybody else, and needed the extra sleep. He is also the last to leave at night. Like I said he is a true guardian angle.

Hopefully now that this problem has made front page news people will wake up and solve this problem before it is too late! Next time you hear someone complain about drugs in their community ask yourself one question. Will these people be a solution to the problem or do they create a bigger problem by putting up resistance. Remember one thing addictions can happen to anyone. Not only does it effect the homeless and poor it also tackles the rich and famous. That is one thing about addictions it shows no prejudice. Also remember it is not something you can help it is a disease. I pose the question if a cancer clinic was to open in your neighbourhood you would welcome it with open arms. If a heart doctor or a diabetes clinic wanted to set up shop you would roll out the welcome mat. So what is so different with an addictions clinic. Now before you start about the fact that these people have the criminal element follow them. You mean to tell me that crooks cannot have bad hearts or cancer too? Give me a break! I truly have come to the conclusion that there is a lot of hypocrites in society, and you will seek your judgment soon enough. Well it is time to lobby your local government, provincial and federal governments and tell them to wake up and be a solution to the problem.

Until next time....Remember we need to save the world … it's the only planet with chocolate.

From The Big Ape

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suZen said...

What a fabulous post! And you are so right about their being a lot of hypocrisy around - its everywhere. It gets maddening to me too when people worry about their neighborhoods, their home values instead of worrying - well HELPING - their fellow human beings.