Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fat People Are Resposible For Global Warming!

Well I guess I can say that I have heard it all in it blame it one something society. Fat people are the cause of global warming, because they eat more and that in turn takes more planting of products and killing of animals. Oh ya we cannot forget that all that would have to be brought to you in trucks so the carbon foot print from the diesel will degrade the climate. I just about forgot too that we are fat so we have to take more public transit or driving our cars more then a skinny person. Now I would like to add this is a study of two no name scientists in a no name school in England. When the American schools were contacted they would not buy into the concept. They were quick to say that things like canceling physical education for our students, excess portions in restaurants, and other things you can read in the article I will post to let you read the rubbish for yourself. I find it funny that people cannot really think about the facts before they spew useless rubbish in a place where too many people take to heart what they read in today's society. That is like saying that short people should die because they take too many resources to make so they can access the top shelves in grocery stores. Have you ever heard of such non-sense? I guess I should run to my lawyer and sue McDonalds because they sold me hamburgers that could make me fat. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS PEOPLE!!!! The ozone is screwed up because we did not care up until about 15 years ago about our planet so anything could be done without a second look. OOPPSS me bad. Now some 15 years later we figured out that we are chewing holes in our ozone the size of large cities , and now that seems to be a problem. YOU THINK???? This kind of thinking set trends for young children to having eating disorders. I think that people with power should be more cognoscente of what they say before they publish such garbage.

Anyway that is my opinion, but I could be wrong...

From The Big Ape

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