Friday, May 30, 2008

Are You Tired Of Big Brother Thinking For Us?

I am really perplexed as to how much the government has to think for us. What did we do 50 years ago? I don't know maybe they have been thinking for us back then to. All I know that I am tired every time something tragic happens the government needs to step up and make a new law to protect us. The point that started this rant is they are talking about making legislation to ban us using I-pods with ear phones that block out the out side world. They say (they is the government) that people should not be walking around with noise canceling head phones on. If this gentleman from Africa would have had other head phones on he might not have been killed. My thought to that is it was his time to go and he went. I truly believe when your number is called it does not matter what you are doing you are going to pass. So whether he was out for a walk that warm afternoon or he was driving down the nearest express way he would have been wiped out. Common sense rules here people! I am a firm believer that you only do stupid things once and generally learn. As Jeff Foxworthy used to say in one of his stand up bits. We learned growing up if we played with that TV wobbling on that TV stand, and it fell on us we only did it once. Point taken... There is is laws in place that take care of the common sense things in life. I feel we are being legislated to death. The police forces have enough trouble keeping the scum bags off the street as it is let alone worrying about some wet behind the ears teenager with those baggy pants whether he has the right ear phones on or not. Survival of the fittest I say! So next time you are are about to do something that is not the smartest thing in life to do. Think two things here; is there a law prohibiting me from doing this? Or if this goes sideways and I get hurt are they going to create a new law for me? Unless you are looking for you 15 minutes of fame being a dumb ass. Think before you do stupid things.

Here is the story that got me on this rand check it out if you want..

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