Sunday, February 10, 2008

Technology is great!!!!

Well here I lay warm and snug on a Sunday morning typing a blog posting. No I have not purchased a laptop, and yes as much of a redneck that I am the wife has not allowed the desk top in bed with us. No folks I have joined the ranks of being a techno warrior. I have got my self a Blackberry. My wife was in the market for a new cell so I found out we both could get up grades at no cost. So the big geek that I am, I could not be out done by the Mrs so I upgraded to a blackberry. Yes folks the rumor is true. The blackberry gets its nickname well in the geek world. They are better known as crackberry's. It is so true... It is like putting a chocolate cake in front of a fat kid. All I can say it is pure nirvana!!!! So from here on in I can take care of business just about anywhere! Some emails are a bit tough to read just because the screen is a bit small, but I leave them on the email server to be viewed next time I get to the desk top.. You know how it is the eyes are just not what they used to be. I can surf, and send email,along with SMS messages and don't forget use the phone from just about any where now. So next time you send a message to me try and imagine where I might be? Some are detracters of the product as you are never unplugged out of the system. So your point is??? I guess that is my inner geek talking again. Some people ask me how I type on such a small key board. Actually it is not as hard as it looks. I am almost as fast on my crackberry by thumb typing as I am on a bad day on my keyboard. Now don't get me wrong I am not giving up my desk top any time soon! This just strengthens my inner geek. Anyway I thought I would share my new toy with you all. I figured it was time to pop in and let everyone know that even though it has been cold enough I still have my brass balls.

Until next time...

Try and stay warm

From The Big Ape

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