Thursday, April 10, 2008

Has Reality Gone Too Far?

Why is it that we need to see how other people live. We have Big Brother or Survivor, and many more shows to take up the endless mind wasting minutes of your evening in front of the TV. Then we have people that feel they have to make money off of other peoples misery. Cops and shows like that. Now in all fairness I have been seen watching a few episodes of Cops or DEA. It kind of draws you in like a moth to a flame. What I do not understand is the tapes of people making stuff up to get their 15 minutes of fame. Like America's funniest videos. You can't tell me that 50% of those videos are not set up trying to get that $100,000 prize. Yes some are a bit humorous especially the ones with the kids that do some things by accident. That I can live with, but the ones where uncle Joe falls off the roof. Is that really funny? All that means is a trip to the hospital ward, and if you are real lucky you will not be in a cast for the next 6 weeks. Anyway I am getting off on a tangent here. As a local Radio personality in Calgary called this the goof that filmed the poor sap that got arrested, and supposedly and I stress supposedly got thrown down stairs. It was clear that the clown was resisting arrest, and I am not sure he didn't hurled himself down the flight of stairs. It was pretty convenient that this video came to play so quickly after the incident. First and foremost if you have an axe to grind with law enforcement file a complaint to the police department. Don't just run to the media. Next time you got some clown doing crack in the halls in your apartment don't bother to call the cops, because I am sure they are going to take their sweet ass time getting there. That will be the next thing that this tool will bitch about is that the police did not respond fast enough when the call was made. I look at it this way if some yahoo is doing crack in my apartment I give them the free rain to toss the junkie down the stairs . These guys deal with this type of vermin all day who know what will happen if you don't show a bit of force to show who is boss. It is all about the Alpha male syndrome. Do it to them before they do it to you. Now with that being said I don't give the cops a right to go around beating people like Rodney King. Some people go to far and I understand that, but next time you are looking for your 15 minutes of fame don't tape stuff that should not be concern to anyone. Video is left for your kids and uncle Joe. Relax and mind your own business. If that guy would have been beaten by that cop there would have been marks and witnesses. My motto is do the crime pay the crime and if that means getting roughed up a bit because you resisted so be it!!!!

That is just my opinion and I may be wrong!

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Anonymous said...

Saw the video you refer to and if all that we see is all that there is to see then no matter what, the cop did it all wrong. That being said let's leave room for extinuating circumstances and admit that we do not have access to further evidence to convict or equit the officers involved. That being said, if this is all there is to see there were enough cops their to cuff and hog tie this hemmeroid and two of them could have carried the creep downstairs instead of endangering his life by throwing him down the stairs, if this actually took place. Certainly if you know someone is video taping you don't do anything so blatently wrong that can come back to bite your ass later , pull a Mike Holmes and "DO IT RIGHT" no problems later. I've been there done that and watched my ass at the same time and it can be done believe me. If you want to get tough you have to pick the right time and place and I've been there and done that also, and stayed out of shit.

Just my Opinion but don't quite fit in with yours now does it.